WordPress White Screen of Death: How to Fix It

By October 10, 2018 October 14th, 2018 WordPress

You are here because you’ve encountered the white screen of death on your WordPress site, right? A white screen is not a pleasant sight, especially if you’re looking for your website’s content. Moreover, it can happen out of the blue and could affect just one page of your site or your whole website.

In this post, we will help you with the problem of white screen of death. However, before doing any of the steps we’ll tell you here, make sure that you make a backup of your site’s content.

Possible Causes of the Dreaded White Screen of Death on a WordPress Site

  1. You’ve used up your site’s memory. Every WordPress site has a memory limit – so, it’s good to be familiar with this feature.
  2. There’s an issue with a plugin that you’re using. The problem could be caused by a plugin that’s not functioning well. You should also consider the possibility that one of the plugins that you’re using is not compatible with your WordPress theme.
  3. The WordPress theme you’re using may be poorly coded. If this is the case, the author of the theme may be a beginner.
  4. The problem may be due to your website host’s server. If you suspect this, you can contact your site’s host to inquire about the issue.

Troubleshooting Methods and Solutions

As with all problems, the WordPress White Screen of Death issue has a solution. In fact, we are presenting you with several tips on how to go about this problem.

TIP #1 – If you own more than one site, check each and every site to find out if only one site is experiencing the problem (or all of them). Should you find that all your sites are affected by the White Screen of Death, then there’s a big chance that the problem is with your hosting provider. As such, you can wait for your host provider to fix the problem from their end. You can also contact your hosting provider’s Support/ Help team to clear the issue.

TIP #2 – If you find that only 1 site is having the White Screen of Death problem, then the problem could be with your theme or plugin. You can try changing your site’s theme or disabling a plugin that you’re using.

TIP #3 – Now, if only one post is the problem, you can be sure that only that page’s website is having an issue.

TIP #4 – As mentioned before, the problem could be caused by limited memory. This is probably not the case if you’re running on a 256 or 512 MB. However, if your memory capacity is only 64 MB or less, there’s a chance that you have already consumed your maximum limit. To fix this problem, go to your site’s root folder and edit the wp-config.php file (all of this is done in your hosting provider’s control panel). Simply change your site’s memory to at least 256MB and save the changes. You can then upload the revised wp-config.php to your server to increase your site’s memory.

wp-config in file manager

TIP #5 – You can also try disabling all of the plugins that you’re using in your website. First of all, go to your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Plugins section. Once you click the installed plugins option, you will see a list of all your installed plugins. Disable all the active plugins and activate the plugins one by one. With this technique, you will find out which specific plugin is causing the problem.

TIP #6 – If none of the above techniques work, you can try replacing your site’s theme. To do this, go to the WordPress Dashboard and look for the Appearance section in the menu. Inside the Appearance section is the Theme option. You can revert back to the default WordPress theme or just choose another theme for your website.

TIP #7 – There’s also a chance that a core file on your current WordPress install is corrupted. This situation will cause many problems (including the White Screen of Death), so it should be addressed quickly. If this is indeed the case, reinstalling a fresh copy of the theme will solve the issue.

TIP #8 – Now, if the White Screen of Death can only be seen on the front-end version of your website, it’s highly possible that the problem can be solved through your caching plugin. To fix this, go to your website’s Dashboard and empty the cache.

Solving the WordPress White Screen of Death

As you can see, solving the WordPress White Screen of Death takes a lot of effort. You can use the trial and error method listed above and simply hope to find the solution as quickly as possible. The important thing to remember here is that the problem can indeed be solved – and your website (or web pages) will be up and running again.

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