WP Quick Tip: How to hide widget titles in WordPress

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So here’s an annoying situation I recently came across. While I was building a new website, I had this sidebar with tons of different text widgets that had different ads in them, but I didn’t want the title to be shown… so naturally I just left the widget title blank. This approach works well with 1 or 2 widgets, but not with 4+ of them, you just lose track of which one is which and you need to keep switching between the front- and back-end to see what the order is, it basically looks like this…

Widget Titles problem

Pretty useless right, ideally you want to be able to use the title to navigate your way around all your no-title widgets. Luckily, one developer did just this, he created a plugin that can hide your widget titles on the front-end, but still use them on the back-end for organising purposes.

How To Hide Widget Titles in WordPress

  1. Download and install the following plugin: Remove Widget Titles
  2. Go to your widgets in the back-end (in Appearance > Widgets), and add a ! in front of any widget title you want to hide on the front-end.
  3. Hit the save button for the tweaked widgets
  4. That’s it, super easy!


hiding the widget title

Then this is what you end up with, looks a LOT better than the unnamed confusing list of widgets before.

hidden titles

As per usual, there’s a plugin for everything 🙂

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