How to Remove WordPress Footer from Your Website

By October 10, 2018October 14th, 2018WordPress

If your website has a footer that says something like ‘Powered by WordPress,’ it’s only because you’re using the WordPress platform and one of their themes. Yes, I know, we all love WordPress – but sometimes, we don’t want to see their footer. Also, we really don’t want our readers to pay attention to WordPress instead of, you know, the actual content on our site.

If you’re running a business site, having the WordPress footer can also give the impression that your site is sponsored. And of course, we want our site to be as professional looking as much as possible.

There is actually another risk in exposing your site’s platform. It will make it easier for hackers to get into your system and cause some serious damage.

Is it OK to Remove the WordPress Footer?

Yes. If, for whatever reason, you want to remove the WordPress footer from your site – you can do so. You’re allowed to perform this action because WordPress carries a GPL (General Public License) certificate. As such, it means that it’s free.

As an open source software, WordPress is for general use. You can therefore use and modify it. This holds true for themes and plugins downloaded from the official WordPress site. In fact, most creators of WordPress themes offered for commercial purposes also allow their users to delete or modify the WP footer.

Listed below are some of the ways to remove the WordPress credit from your site.

Option #1 – Modify the Theme Settings

As mentioned above, a lot of theme makers provide their users with the option to revise the footer area in their WordPress sites. One way to do this is to go to the Appearance section on your Dashboard and look for the Theme option. There you will find the Footer area where you can either revise or delete the Powered WordPress line.

Note, however, that WordPress dashboards or back-ends don’t always look the same (exactly the same, that is). Sometimes, you need to look around a bit to find the Theme section – and you will find the footer area there.

WordPress Dashboard Appearance Section

Option #2 – Edit the footer.php file

For this method, you need to find the footer.php function first. In order to do this, go to the root folder of your current theme. Once there, look for this:


Open the above line in a text editor like Notepad. You will then find the line Powered by WordPress (or something similar) there. You now have the option of deleting the whole text or just the WordPress credit. You can also customize it to something else and that will be your site’s new footer.

Option #3 – Use the CSS Technique

Another easy way to remove the Powered by WordPress line is to edit the CSS section. To do this, go to the WordPress Customizer section and click on Additional CSS. Once there, add the following CSS to the class that contains the Powered by WordPress phrase. <- Use the Inspect Element functionality of your browser to identify which class to target.

Example: site-info { display: none !important; }


We hope this post has been helpful to you. Did it solve your WordPress dilemma? Any feedback from you will be highly appreciated. The comment section is all yours.


  • Avatar Bram Stoker says:

    Or better, look at the wordpress plugin “WP Hide and Security Enhancer”, removing “Powered by WordPress” is just a piece of cake, Do look for it on WpBlog, it was a very good article on it.

    • Matthew Rogers Matthew Rogers says:

      Hey, thank for the comment, that plugin would be good in relation to security and actually hiding that you’re using WP at all. This is just for people wanting to remove the WP footer and nothing more. That being said, the plugin you mentioned looks like a decent free alternative to HideMyWP, thanks for the tip!

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