How to Change Your WordPress Username

By October 2, 2018 October 14th, 2018 WordPress

When you first set up your WordPress site, you created a login username and password. As time passed by, you got bored of your username, and want to change it… no worries, it’s pretty easy if you know how.

Method 1: Create a New User and Delete The Old One

WordPress doesn’t provide a simple way to rename your admin account, or any user. So what you can do is create a new user with your brand new username. You’ll be required to use a new email address and you have to transfer all existing content from your old account to your new account by logging out from your old account and log in using the new user account that you’ve created.

The next step that you’re going to do is go to the Users section at the dashboard and click the delete link right below your old username.

When deleting the old username, you will be asked by WordPress what you want to do with their content. Click the Attribute all content to: button and choose your new username. Finally, click the confirm deletion button in order to delete your old user account.

You’re all set. If in case you want to use your old email again, you can change it right after deleting your old user account.

Method 2: Change Username with a Plugin

Aside from the abovementioned method, you can also change your username using a plugin.

Delete old user account

The first step in changing your WordPress username installing and activating the Username Changer plugin. After activating the Username Changer plugin, go to the Users » Username Changer page.

After which, change your username into the desired one then save the changes.

Method 3: Change Your WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin

Of all the methods mentioned, this one is the most complicated as it involves making direct changes to your WordPress database. This isn’t recommended for WordPress newbies due to its complexity, but of course, this can be used when you no longer have any other choice. For example, you can’t remember your WordPress username and email address, thus you can’t access the admin dashboard to change username.

The first step in changing your username using phpMyAdmin is to log in to your cPanel. Go to the databases section and click the phpMyAdmin icon.

After successfully logging in, select the database that your blog is hosted in to see your WordPress database tables. Each table in the WordPress database uses the wp_users.  What you are going to do is to click the wp_users table which is located at the left side of the screen. After which, click edit on the username that you wish to change. The user_login value is very much flexible as it can be changed the way you want it. Finally, click the GO button and your new username is set.

An important thing to remember when you want to change your username is that you will not be able to change it back and the old name will not be available for you or anyone to use. Whatever you’re reason is for changing your username, the process of doing so isn’t exactly hard. It’s very important to choose your new name carefully. Choose something as unique as your personality and something that is memorable to you. As much as possible, don’t put any personal information in your username as these are easy to guess.