Why Not Host a Site on DropBox?

By April 20, 2017 Web Hosting

Many startup businesses are working hard to establish their brands in the market. Word of mouth used to be the most common means to increase publicity. Now a brand’s online presence is what makes or brakes a business by establishing its brand and increasing its prominence.

With the current demand for online transactions, not having a website for your venture is considered blasphemous! The problem with this, however, is that setting up a website is costly and technical. Even acquiring a domain name is a tedious process. You may find yourself asking, “Why not host a site on DropBox to save money then?”

Let’s Talk About It | Why Not Host a Site on DropBox?

There are several characteristics which make a business’s website attractive for consumers. Customers mainly want websites which are dynamic, user-friendly and secure. Getting your website hosted by cloud storage like DropBox may seem like a good idea since it is safe and most of all, free. However, a cloud storage host can significantly limit your website’s potential.

So Why Not Host a Site on DropBoxHere are several advantages and disadvantages of using DropBox to host your page:


1. It’s free! DropBox doesn’t charge a penny since it mainly functions as cloud storage.

2. It’s secure – DropBox is already an established Cloud Storage Service Provider. This means that the security of your web page is protected.


1. DropBox cannot host a dynamic website. This statement means that editing your program codes will be difficult. DropBox only hosts static websites and FTP upload of files is impossible. If you’re thinking about long-term hosting, using a Cloud Storage service provider as a host may not be a good idea.

Setting up your brand’s website can get very technical. Doing it on your own or with others who only know the basics will not be a good idea. Setting up a website involves many processes such as domain name acquisition and registration, programming, testing, and even more programming!

If you can’t see yourself doing these tasks, it may be wise to hire competent professionals to do the work for you. This problem is where MangoMatter can help since website development is our middle name.

How Can MangoMatter Help?

Here at MangoMatter, we are an Australian Website Developing company which specializes in creating websites. Making sure they are modern and dynamic to represent your brand best is our specialty.

We have been in this industry for over a decade now, so that means we are well established in this industry. Furthermore, MangoMatter is composed of a team of prominent developers. We can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your brand’s online presence!

Let's Talk About Why Not Host a Site on DropBoxThe online presence of brands will significantly affect the popularity of many enterprises. The convenience of increased sales and minimal workforce is apparent on company websites. If you are an entrepreneur highly considering setting up your website, you can do so by acquiring a domain name and finding website hosts such as DropBox.

Let’s summarize your question: why not host a site on DropBox? Before you decide on having your website hosted by DropBox, you must first determine your goals. Are they short-term or long-term? Once this is decided, you may begin setting up your website. However, setting it up on your own can be a very challenging process. As a busy entrepreneur, it will be hard to do so. MangoMatter is here to help you cater to your needs.

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