What Is WHOIS Privacy?

WHOIS Privacy is a pretty awesome service that will keep your contact information for your domain private. This service replaces public information that you provided with an anonymous fake identity that will show up in the public WHOIS database. Most registrars offer this addon when you purchase a domain name with them (or transfer one to them), and it’s not that expensive (some registrars even do it for free).

Part of managing a business’s online identity means to control your personal information that is shared online. There are many reasons why you would not want any personal details to be publicly shared or available online.

The main purpose of WHOIS privacy is to protect your identity, block spam, avoid unwanted offers, and you can enable WHOIS Privacy for pretty cheap with most registrars.

Haven’t you ever heard of the saying, “never talk to strangers”? Well, by enabling WHOIS Privacy, all private information is hidden. If your email address or phone number is available publicly without protection, this enables you to be an easy target for spam. Having WHOIS will provide the optimum protected domain to save your inbox from filling with unsolicited mail, and most importantly, your information being leaked to the bad guys (whoever they are)! Also, having your information available online without WHOIS Privacy allows anyone to contact you making unwanted offers (eg. more spam).

Web Hosting 101: How to find the best web hosts!

Finding a decent web hosting provider can be a bit tricky, as they all offer very similar features at different prices, and the terminology used can be a bit confusing for the non-techies among us. Terms like CPU resources, SSL certificates, server-side caching, SSD, LiteSpeed, etc… don’t really help much if you don’t know what they mean. To help you out, we’ve compiled web hosting comparisons for various countries. So far, we’ve built pages detailing the best web hosts for Australia, the top web hosting in Singapore, the best UK website hosting, the best Canadian web hosting services, and a few more.

We hope this helps some of you struggling to find a host that doesn’t cost you the world, but still makes sure your site runs smoothly.