What is Softaculous and How Does It Work?

By February 28, 2017Web Hosting

Softaculous is a program built to automate the installation of over 400 web applications. Typically, the process of installing web applications is pretty time-consuming and involves countless steps, like creating databases and setting up privileges. For hundreds of web applications, Softaculous uses predefined scripts to install its apps. Rather than creating databases or downloading and unzipping files, Softaculous simply requires inputting a few details and clicking the install button. Usually, no other work is required.

The Features of Softaculous

As mentioned above, there are over 400 web application scripts that can be chosen from, and they are accessed in a single administrative area from Softaculous. They can be easily searched with Softaculous Search, so there is no need to scroll through hundreds of different applications. Included web apps are:

  • WordPress
  • phpBB
  • Open Blog
  • Lychee, and much much more.

You can also navigate the apps through categories like blogs, forums, portals, ad management, social networking, etc.

Another great feature of Softaculous is that it can automatically back up the application, as well. Softaculous has the ability to back up an entire website and installed software with the click of a button.

How It Works

Softaculous can be easily integrated into web hosting panels like cPanel or DirectAdmin in order to provide any script that may be required by the user to power their website. Softaculous copies the files and creates databases needed for the installation of the apps so that the user does not have to. This saves hours of software installation and potential human errors. You can even install multiple apps at once. Seriously, installing web applications has never been easier!

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