As a web agency with a LOT of hosting accounts (we have countless side-projects and like to experiment), we’ve got a pretty good idea of what defines a great web hosting provider.
These are our best Joomla hosting providers, great hosting without breaking the bank.

Best Joomla Hosting: Our Top 5 – May 2019

Web Hosting Company - click to visit the siteOverall RatingPrice/mo.Disk SpaceFeaturesShared HostingCloud HostingDedicated HostingReseller Hosting
Dreamhost8/10$7.95UnlimitedGreat performance & supportYesYesYesNo
inmotion8.3/10$4.19 (40% discount)UnlimitedExperienced, reliable, slightly more expensive.YesNoYesYes
A2HostingLogo8.5/10$3.92 (down from $7.99)UnlimitedUnlimited Disk Space!YesYesYesYes
hostgator8.7/10$2.78 (up to 60% off using our coupon - MANGOGATOR)UnlimitedCheap + Unlimited Disk Space!YesYesYesYes
siteground29.3/10$3.95 (Temporary 67% Discount)10 GBPowerful, Fast, epic support, + 30-day money-back guarantee! = Win!YesYesYesYes

Joomla Hosting: The Details

Joomla hosting can be supported by the basic features of most hosting plans. Joomla can be easy to install, in some cases it is even automatic depending on the hosting site you choose. And, the simpler the installation the better the Joomla Host. Because the best Joomla hosts have optimized their servers for quick and easy Joomla deployment, offering not only copious amounts of bandwidth, but also disk space allowances. The best Joomla Hosting will have experts who are well versed in the workings of Joomla operations as a major part of their support staff.

Joomla Hosting: What Is It?

Joomla is a multifaceted site-building option, that is not only simple to utilize and customize for your site, but it is also free. It revivals even WordPress in user-friendliness. But when compared Joomla is a much more powerful content managing system (CMS) and doubles as framework for application building. And with its advanced options that allow for wide-ranging customizations, web publishers, businesses, and developers alike will find great use from choosing Joomla hosting.

What is Joomla Commonly Used for?

With Joomla, businesses can personalize and manage countless lists, like store inventories, product catalogues, and custom reservation systems to name a few. And on top of these business-friendly features, Joomla is mostly known for how convenient it is as a CMS. It can be used not only for internet sites, like web-blogs and personal and corporate sites. But can also function perfectly for in-company intranet systems that are a huge benefit to employees and can help them stay connected and up to date on their company’s inner-workings. It’s perfect for developing corporate websites, blogs, or portals. E-commerce sites can benefit greatly from it and Joomla can be utilized in the creation of dynamic web applications.

Joomla compared to Similar CMS’

Joomla is great to help create a website with, but you want to locate a hosting site that is able to support it as a scripting option, which shouldn’t be too difficult because it is most hosting plans included Joomla. It’s free to install and does so with just the click of a button. Joomla works a little differently than WordPress, but there are constant comparisons because both are usually offered for free with most web hosts, and both can be utilized to host many differing content types, so, both of them are good web development platform. However, Joomla has the ability to be used as a base for applications. in addition to its popular uses. So, in addition to being a CMS it has the ability to work as an outline for web applications. This is because the site uses the traditional model, view, controller (MVC) structure which does not have to be affiliated with CMS, meaning you can use Joomla as content management system or as a platform for web application development. Or you can use both functions together.

How Joomla Got Started

With new versions of Joomla coming out every six months, the original Joomla was started back in 2005 splitting from Mambo CMS. Joomla 1.5 was released in 2008 and 3 following 4 years later in 2012. Joomla relies on its web of developers to keep its software up to date.

Joomla Hosting FAQ’s

What is Joomla and how is it developed?

Joomla is a CMS that is coded in PHP that has a source code that is easy to review and modify. It was created by an open group of developers and the data is free to download without any cost or restriction.

What is a CMS?

CMS is short for content management system. This application allows its users to create web content and gives them the ability to store, edit, and display the content they create. Most of the time, the CMS includes a graphical interface for users to add or edit content. This could be for website pages, images, blog posts or any content type able to be uploaded. A database is available that is able to store content, and templates can be found that displays the content to the site visitors.

Just how popular is Joomla?

Joomla is very popular. Joomla’s CMS is second only to WordPress in popularity. Running close to 30 million websites on the internet.

How well-supported is Joomla?

Joomla is very well-supported. With commercial companies offer Joomla consulting and support. Joomla is completely documented, has a forum created by the community, holds events, workshops, and even has its own magazine.

What type of websites are able to be built with Joomla?

You can use Joomla to build almost any type of website that is content focused. Professionals in the field believe Joomla is nearly perfect for the uses need in creating ecommerce and social networking sites.

How is CMS utilized in ecommerce?

The products that show up on ecommerce sites are seen as a type of content.

What are some sites that aren’t usually seen as having content as its basis?

A couple examples of non-content based sites are applications based off the web that are used for editing audio, video and other types of media, heavyweight data analytics, and apps that can run on physical devices aren’t content-based.

I’m just starting out with this stuff. Is Joomla good for me to choose?

Perhaps. Joomla is simple to learn and start off with, however, there are some options that are more fitting for your experience level.  Joomla is usually the go to choose for developers rather than inexperienced users. WordPress platforms, are more user-friendly for beginners and would have more resources for you to use to help if you should come across any issues.

If I’m just Starting a blog. is Joomla the platform I should use?

Joomla might be a little too much if you’re only planning to start a blog. There’s a possibility that WordPress is a more fitting option because it is geared towards blogs.  However, it is quite possible to use Joomla as the groundwork for a blog, especially if that blog is a subsection of a bigger site. In that case, Joomla would be the best option.

I looking for some specific functionality, could Joomla have it?

Most likely. With extensions nearing 8,000 and a system that makes adding new extensions and functionality super easy, Joomla is very likely to have the functions you seek.

Can I customize a site to look how I want with Joomla?

Yes. There are free themes offered on Joomla nearing a thousand that you can use to develop your site, in addition to many of them being customizable. Any experienced developer can construct brand new themes and create a unique design, plus there are many experienced developers that can customize a theme for your site, and ways for you to try it on your own if you’re willing to learn.

Is setting up a new site with Joomla hard?

No. Most web hosts have one-click Joomla installation that you can access via your control panel. And if you don’t have the installation wizard, setting it up is still relatively easy.

I have a web hosting account; can I use Joomla on it?

Most likely. Joomla requires features that are already supported by most host companies: PHP and MySQL. However, it is best to check with them first. It’s typically not a good sign if web hosts don’t meet these basic requirements and could be an indicator that the host you have isn’t very good. The only exception being specialized hosts.

If I didn’t want to use Joomla, what are some good alternatives?

Joomla has to major competitors: Drupal and WordPress. They are coded in PHP and are considered open source like Joomla.

How does the Best Joomla Hosting stand when compared to WordPress?

Either one can stand above the other depending on the kind of functions you want your website to accomplish. If you a simple website that doesn’t require the site visitors to interact with it, then WordPress is for you. However, if you need something more custom and able to engage with different content types, Joomla is what you need.

How does the Best Joomla Hosting stand when compared to Drupal?

With this option, as well, it hinges on the functions you want your site to accomplish that determines which platforms stacks up the best.  Joomla is a lot more popular than Drupal. If you want to integrate more custom content and create a dynamic yet common site, then Joomla is most likely what you need. However, if you’re creating something completely new from scratch, with tons of customized functions and logic, then Drupal should be your go-to platform option.

How can I decide whether Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress fit my needs?

It all depends on how engaging, custom, and interactive you need your site to be. If you want to simply make a public blog that doesn’t include anything else, then WordPress is what you need. However, is you want more built-in features, especially if they are features of Drupal, then that should be your choice. But if you’re not sure exactly what you need, or the level of customization you want, then it’s best to let a web developer decide the platform that fits your needs best.