Hosting Type Showdown: Cloud Hosting Vs a Dedicated Server

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting delivers ultimate reliability because a site is hosted on a virtual partition and draws its resources from an extensive network of physical servers. This type of hosting can be compared to an extension of clustered hosting, which means websites are hosted on multiple servers. The network of servers works together as a vast tool to pull data from different locations. An example of cloud hosting is the use of public cloud models where hosting on virtual servers pull resources from the same group as other public virtual servers, then use the same networks to send the data, which then form a single cloud resource. A typical cloud host will offer reliability, physical security, scalability and flexibility, utility style costing, and responsive load balancing. So instead of being hosted on a single server, your website will be hosted on a virtual partition that draws its resources from a large network of physical servers.

A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are physical servers rented or purchased entirely for specific business needs. It is a single computer that resides in a network reserved specifically for serving needs of the network. They can also be known as a computer that manages printer resources. These types of servers are perfect for large businesses that require exceptionally immense amounts of data security, or businesses that have a high demand for necessitating their server’s 24×7. Businesses who use heavy applications like databases and Big Data platforms find great value in using dedicated servers. However, in order for a business to use dedicated servers, they need to acquire the IT capacity and expertise to manage the ongoing maintenance.  An example of a dedicated server is when a user will rent or buy the server, software, and Internet connection form the web host. The two main reasons a business needs to rent from a dedicated server is to host a high-traffic resource intensive website, or a high-traffic resource intensive application.

Cloud Hosting vs. a Dedicated Server

Are you feeling perplexed about choosing a host or server for your website? If you’re not confident whether dedicated servers or cloud hosting are the best fit for you, keep on reading! First off, cloud hosting and a dedicated server both benefit large and high-trafficked businesses. Selecting the correct server and choosing the best approach is vital for your business. The decision you make will depend on your business objectives and goals. Based off the caparison provided, your decision should be made easy!

Attaining resources online quickly is important, and with cloud hosting, you can attain resources online within seconds to minutes, unlike a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are known to take days to weeks depending on the circumstance. However, for both cloud hosting and a dedicated server, they can achieve high availability quickly and cost effectively. Cloud hosting can attain high availability within minutes when a dedicated server could take hours, but they both are fairly quick and affordable. Although it seems cloud hosting is the fastest most reliable choice, a dedicated server can better address stringent security and compliance needs. The dedicated hardware provides complete compliance with most regulations. When it comes to managing servers on the go using mobile devices, cloud hosting is the way to go. Both the IOS and Android systems are fully compatible with cloud hosting, unfortunately, it’s not the same case with a dedicated server because it is a manual process.

If you can’t choose which is best for your businesses needs, cloud hosting and dedicated servers can also be put into one service by choosing the hybrid cloud, which combines the power of the two. Remember; choose your server or host based on your businesses goals and objectives!