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Last Updated: April 2021

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Having done this for quite a few years now, we’ve used, analysed, and reviewed a lot of web hosts… these are our findings.

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Without a doubt, Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting options available. The company was founded in 2003 but bought out by Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2010. There are several claims of a quality decline in services since the merger, but this massive hosting company is still a premier choice among internet entrepreneurs.

In this Bluehost review, we’ll cover all you need to know about Bluehost web hosting if you’re planning on using their services. We’ll cover their pricing structure, customer support, and a few of the pros and cons of collaborating with Bluehost on your website.


One major aspect that attracts people to Bluehost is the incredible discounts for first-time customers. The offering sweetens the deal considerably when you’re looking to set up a new online home for your business or blog, and there are many benefits that you will enjoy affordably.

However, you need to keep in mind that you will be paying the full price at the time of renewal, and the costs can escalate when you need to upgrade. You can choose between a 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year payment plan, and you pay the full amount upon commencement of the agreement.

Bluehost has four primary plans on offer:

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus
  • Pro
Bluehost Pricing

The Basic plan comes with several useful features, including custom themes, 24/7 support, and a free domain. However, you’re limited to a single website with 50 GB of storage space.

With the Plus plan, you receive unlimited websites and SSD storage. Bluehost also throws in a free package of Office 365, which is extremely useful for streamlining your administrative tasks.

The Choice Plus plan has everything that comes with the Plus plan but includes domain privacy and automated backups.

The Pro plan has all these features and benefits and offers a dedicated IP.


An amazing drawcard of working with Bluehost is the customer service aspect. There’s a reliable support representative available 24/7 and plenty of resources to refer to for troubleshooting.

You have the option to contact the customer service team via email, live chat, or phone number. It is quick and easy to get help, and Bluehost customers gain access to a knowledge base full of useful information from tech experts.

Since 2010, many Bluehost customers claimed that the quality of support drastically decreased. However, you can still find numerous positive reviews about their support team from a wide range of reliable sources.

The turnaround time to resolve issues is roughly 24 hours. However, small problems usually resolve with the expertise of the friendly live chat team within a few minutes. Anything to do with billing or account preferences will require a dedicated representative, so you may need to wait for 24 to 48 hours.


Affordable Entry

When you’re starting your online journey, you may not have the budget for complicated web hosting packages. Bluehost has extremely affordable starting plans to get you off the ground, though.

With their basic plans, you have everything you need to register and launch your website. It is limited, but it’s perfect for small businesses that need a straightforward site to launch their operations.

Easy Setup

If it’s your first time launching a website, Bluehost makes the process simple. With their customer support team and useful resource center, you can launch your site within a few minutes.

If you struggle along the way, there’s an experienced representative to help you at any time of the day or night.

Reputable Company

No matter what some users have to say about the quality of Bluehost, the company has been around since the early days of web hosting. You can count on their years of industry experience and trust that the company will remain operational as it safeguards your site.


Blatant Marketing

Their services are fantastic, but the Bluehost team constantly reaches out to customers to upsell different features. Sometimes the approach is useful, but Bluehost tends to overdo it.

If you don’t mind perpetual emails from your hosting company, this may not be an issue.

No International Servers

Since Bluehost is such a large venture, it’s surprising that they only have servers in the United States. If you’re an international business or are looking for a quality web host for Australia or Canada, this could be inconvenient. Your website’s load time could slow down for international visitors.


As a final Bluehost review point, this company is one of the most reputable web hosts in the industry. Whether you’re a small business, freelancer, blogger, or startup, Bluehost has a suitable option to keep you connected you’re your audience online.

With affordable plans, 24/7 customer service, and years of industry experience, you have nothing to lose by choosing Bluehost as your hosting provider.

Some of the plans can be quite limited, depending on your goals. However, the Bluehost team makes it simple to scale your site.

It is also a bonus that WordPress advocates for Bluehost (even recommending them when you’re building your WP site).