Free web hosting: Why you should avoid it.

By February 22, 2017 Web Hosting

Is Free Really Free?

When creating an online platform for a growing business or brand, many new to the scene may choose free web hosting providers over other options to save money. Owning a website can be expensive and sometimes may not even seem worth it. Without the correct investment in a real website, those attempting to get their feet off the ground using free web hosting can be weighed down with unnecessary fees and ridiculous restrictions. The price tag may flash free and offer specials or promotions, often there are speed, efficiency and function limitations that leave website owners frustrated, fed up and broke.

Viruses for the Cost of Nothing

Hosting sites with suspicious zeroed out price tags sometimes hide the worst enemies. For growing companies that have already invested so much, accidentally exposing their clients or their own staff to something malicious can be a horrific setback. Free hosting sites commonly invade these web spaces with malware or other viruses. The low-end graphics and navigation can be enough to turn off potential viewers and customers, betraying them further with dangerous bugs can be an immediate deal breaker. Bad visuals for brands are incredibly offensive and spam-like in this time of beautiful possibilities.

Free hosting companies cannot afford to truly run for free, they work in their income in a sneakier way. Spam advertising is a common way these hosts can generate revenue. Presenting the rhetoric of a spam ridden, outdated site will ruin reputations and rankings on search engines. A benefit to investing in premium sites is optimizing search engine recognition. With free sites, often buyers are subject to another fee to gain the ability to be available on the real web. When using a free site, future clients require the exact URL to access the content, which makes the business or brand invisible to other potential customers.

Own it! Or Lose it.

Free hosting sites take away the one freedom websites should always have. If the URL is not reserved or purchased professionally and instead hosted on sub-sites, it can be taken away or completely turned over by other sites. There is a risk of deletion and loss of functionality with free sites as the owner, does not truly own it. Despite the hours and hours one may spend on perfecting their site, it can disappear without notice immediately.

Branding is a priority, if owners cannot reserve the right to their titles and high-level domain configurations, the product or service may be lost to oblivion. These petty, unreliable sites reduce the amount of applicable or accessible customer service options it can support, and the support available for pseudo owners. There are few resources for owners if something really goes wrong such as email loss, database issues or SQL failures. The list of issues goes on, including a lack of beneficial storage and even limited bandwidth unless fees are paid first. Before considering a free hosted site for a business to rest its success on, ensure proper research is conducted so that no effort is put to waste.