Web Hosting Research

As a web agency, we deal with a LOT of different web hosting companies. At the moment, we have active hosting accounts with over 30 hosting providers, so you might say we know a thing or 2 about the hosting industry.

The most common questions we get from clients are usually related to web hosting, we get questions like “How much does web hosting cost?” or “What is the best web hosting provider for my country?”. Because we get these questions so often, we decided to dedicate a large part of our site to just that, researching hosting companies & writing short but clear web hosting reviews and comparisons. On top of that we started putting those reviews into neat top 5 / top 10 tables for an easy overview, saving people a LOT of time in trying to navigate the massive maze of different web hosting packages and providers.

Best Australian Web Hosting

While there are plenty of web hosting companies in Australia, if I compare them a to a few overseas ones, you’re not always getting the best bang for your buck. + a few more affordable US based companies actually have servers as close as Singapore… so loading speed becomes a non-issue…

Best Canadian Web Hosting

With Canada being so close to the US, we have a LOT of affordable hosting providers to choose from… but can they match the quality that local Canadian hosting providers can offer?

Best Web Hosting Singapore

So many global web hosting companies have data-centers in Singapore, which might make choosing a hosting provider for Singapore a breeze… but you’d be wrong, choice paralysis is a real thing, and what’s the cost/value difference between a Singapore based host vs a US based one?

Best UK Web Hosting

There a quite a few big global hosting brands based in the UK, which made creating this top hosting list fun. Looking more wider, a lot of the bigger brands are based in various European countries. So many choices!

Best Hosting Ireland

While Ireland does have a few hosting providers, if you want to stick to bigger brands, the UK is just next door, or even a US based one that has data-centers in Europe would work very well. It all comes down to choice.

Best Web Hosting NZ

Hosting a site all the way down in New Zealand might seem like a challenge, but with the right host, it really isn’t. Aside from NZ actually having some decent local hosts, any Australian based hosting provider is close enough to get you a smooth service, even from Singapore you can easily make it work. Add in decent caching & Cloudflare, and you’ve got yourself a speedy site!

Best Web Hosting India

It’s no secret that web hosting is a BIG business in India, but usually sporting hosts for overseas websites, not for India targeted sites. So we’ve created our top list of web hosting providers you can use to host a website that actually targets the Indian market, with decent speeds and great support.!

Best Web Hosting Malaysia

With Malaysia being quite close to Singapore, you can take advantage of a lot of the big players that have web servers in Singapore, like Hostinger and Siteground. There are a few decent local web hosts as well.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is pretty great, but it’s even better if you can host your own server, your own world, your own rules… we’ve analysed and reviewed the best Minecraft hosts.

Beste Webhosting België en Nederland

Als je van plan bent om een website op te zetten voor de Belgische of Nederlandse markt, of het nu een grote site moet worden met veel bezoekers, of een kleiner projectje wat minder behoefte heeft aan een grote capaciteit, zal je geconfronteerd worden met enkele moeilijke keuzes.

Best Web Hosting Pakistan

With Pakistan being quite close to India, anything that works well for India works for Pakistan as well. Even hosts with servers in Europe are good enough to run Pakistani sites at very reliable loading times.