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Last Updated on October 1, 2020

If you’re a newbie to hosting, then you have probably heard about various shared hosting plans and dedicated server hosting. However, if you’re interested in the best reseller hosting solutions, then you’ve been in the hosting game for quite some time.

Reseller hosting is meant for re-selling, so if you’re on the lookout for such web hosting services, then you almost certainly:

  • know the importance of various cPanel accounts and reseller hosting accounts;
  • have heard about Enom, Cloudflare, ResellerClub, and WHMCS;
  • know why proper technical support matters;
  • can name at least one reliable web hosting company (or more!) such as InMotion Hosting, HostGator, and the likes;
  • know which hosting features to look for in reseller packages.

While you may know all the specifications and technicalities, you may struggle with choosing the best reseller hosting provider for your current needs. And that’s what we’re here for!

In this hosting review, we’ll take a look at some of the most reliable hosting reseller solutions, discuss reseller features, and answer some FAQs.

Now onto the reviews!

The 6 best web hosting for resellers are:

  1. A2 Hosting – Best Cheap Reseller Hosting
  2. Hosting24 – Best Unlimited Reseller Web Hosting
  3. SiteGround – Best WordPress Hosting for Resellers
  4. Cloudways – Best Cloud Hosting for Resellers
  5. HostPapa – Best VPS for Reseller Hosts
  6. WP Engine – Best Reseller Hosting for Web Designers

When writing our web hosting reviews, we considered a lot of factors.

These include uptime, support options and response time, speed, server locations, ease of use, cost vs value, disk space, etc.

The 2 most important factors we focus on, are support ? and speed ⚡.

Let’s take website speed for example, did you know that a 1 second delay means page views decrease by 11%, that means over 1/10 of visitors will just turn away for every second your site is still loading… this is why a decent web hosting provider is vital!

As you can see, the quality of your web hosting provider can have a massive impact on the potential success of your site!

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Best Reseller Hosting 2021 – Reviews

1. A2 Hosting – Best Cheap Reseller Hosting


A2 Hosting logo

Price: starts at $13.19 per month
Disk space: 30 GB
Support: chat, phone, emails, and tickets

If you’re looking for high-quality reseller plans without having to spend a fortune look no further – the A2 Hosting company has four of them (and they’re quite scalable too!).

The Bronze plan is the cheapest plan, starting at $13.19 per month. It comes with 30 GB SSD storage, 400 GB bandwidth, and free Blesta. It includes 40 client accounts.

The Silver plan includes 75 GB SSD storage, 600 GB bandwidth, and WHMCS or Blesta. It includes 60 client accounts.

Next up is the Gold plan which has 150 GB SSD storage, 1000 bandwidth, and WHMCS or Blesta. It includes 80 client accounts.

Finally, the Platinum plan, which is the most powerful one, comes with 200 GB SSD storage, 2000 GB bandwidth, and WHMCS or Blesta. It includes 100 client accounts.

All four hosting solutions come with the following:

  • a free SSL certificate;
  • a free CloudFlare CDN;
  • a free eNom domain reseller account;
  • free client billing and management system;
  • a WebHost Manager (WHM);
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee;
  • server rewind backups;
  • DDoS protection;
  • WHM control panel;
  • up to 20x faster servers;
  • CloudLinux OS;
  • 24/7 network monitoring;
  • free custom nameservers (available upon request);
  • Softaculous (one-click WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and WooCommerce install);
  • 1 free dedicated IP by request;
  • free WHMCS and several paid WHMCS options (plus you can add a WHMCS license onto your account):
    • WHMCS Starter;
    • WHMCS Plus;
    • WHMCS Professional;
    • WHMCS Business;
  • unlimited number of subdomains, parked domains, and add-on domains;
  • unlimited email accounts;
  • 24/7 customer support (via chat, phone, emails, and tickets)
  • anytime money-back guarantee;
  • FTP, SSH access, and pre-installed phpMyAdmin.

There are also several data center options: Michigan (USA), Arizona (USA), Singapore (Asia), and Amsterdam (Europe).

Finally, A2’s white label reseller hosting allows you to fully customize your nameservers, your clients’ control panels, as well as your billing software.

Besides reseller hosting plans, A2 Hosting offers shared hosting solutions, WordPress hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting. The web hosting company also provides domain name registration and email hosting services.


  • scalable plans
  • anytime money-back guarantee
  • fast servers


  • has many upsells

2. Hosting24 – Best Unlimited Reseller Hosting


Hosting 24 logo

Price: $17.45 per month
Disk space: 50 GB
Support: live chat, email, and tickets

Unlimited reseller hosting powered by WHM and cPanel – this is what you’ll read if you go to Hosting24’s reseller section on their website. They offer two hosting packages within their reseller web hosting services.

The cPanel Reseller Starter plan costs $17.45 per month, comes with 50 GB storage space and 500 GB bandwidth. It also includes 50 cPanel accounts.

The cPanel Reseller Business plan is a high-tier reseller plan that includes unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. It comes with 150 cPanel accounts.

Both hosting plans include the following features:

  • WHM access;
  • white label;
  • automatic backups;
  • one-click installer;
  • Cloud SMTP delivery;
  • private nameservers;
  • CloudFlare DDoS protection;
  • free website transfer;
  • fast servers;
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee;
  • 24/7 customer support team (live chat, email, and tickets);
  • free SSL certificates;
  • free domain registration.

In addition, keep in mind that overselling is allowed, meaning that as long as you have enough features and resources, you can make as many sales as you wish.

That said, Hosting24 doesn’t provide domain reseller account services – however, you can use another hosting provider of your choice, and those types of accounts will be integrated within their own web billing system without any issue.

Besides reseller plans, Hosting24 provides other web hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and email hosting. It has its own website builder, which is very user-friendly and includes a wide range of templates and themes.

Finally, there’s a Domain Checker as well, which is a free tool that allows you to search the domain name database in order to check a particular domain name’s availability.


  • automatic backups
  • free domain registration
  • free website transfer


  • only two reseller hosting plans
  • higher renewal prices

3. SiteGround – Best WordPress Hosting for Reseller


SiteGround logo

Price: $9.99 per month
Disk space: 20 GB
Support: phone, live chat, and tickets

If you’re using WordPress as a content management system and you need a reseller hosting solution, then it’s logical to find a matching reseller hosting provider. In this context, our go-to recommendation is SiteGround. Not only will SiteGround live up to your expectations in general, but you also get to enjoy real-time server health checks to put your mind at ease.

SiteGround’s reseller hosting consists of three plans: the GrowBig plan, the GoGeek plan, and the Cloud plan.

The first one, also advertised as a “reselling out of the box” plan, costs $9.99 per month and comes with 20 GB storage space. It’s suitable for those looking for a way to build and manage their clients’ sites, without giving them access.

The GoGeek plan, or “white-label reselling”, includes 40 GB storage space. It has white-label hosting and client management. There’s also advanced priority support available, and pre-installed Git. This plan is great for those who wish to give their clients’ access, but without letting them know you’re hosting with SiteGround.

The Cloud plan, which allows for “superior reseller control”, comes with 40 GB storage space. Besides white-label hosting and client management, this plan includes custom client roles and custom hosting packages. It also has advanced priority support and pre-installed Git. This plan gives you superior control in addition to many unlimited resources.

All three reseller plans include:

  • unlimited number of websites;
  • free WordPress installation;
  • free drag-and-drop Weebly site builder;
  • free email accounts;
  • unlimited MySQL databases;
  • unlimited subdomains and parked domains;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • easy staging and collaborators;
  • 100% renewable energy match;
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee;
  • free SSH and SFTP access;
  • automated daily backups;
  • spam protection;
  • 24/7 customer support (phone, live chat, and tickets);
  • Free SSL certificates (and other eCommerce-optimized features such as a free shopping cart);
  • A default PHP version (7.1) managed by SiteGround as well as custom PHP Versions 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 & 5.6;
  • a free content delivery network (CDN).

SiteGround has servers on four continents – USA, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.


  • multiple data centers to choose from
  • high-tier WordPress hosting for reselling
  • user-friendly


  • higher renewal prices
  • has just Linux servers

4. Cloudways – Best Cloud Hosting for Resellers


cloudways logo

Price: $10 per month
Disk space: 25 GB
Support: support tickets, live chat, and phone

If you want a more refreshing approach to your reseller endeavors, our advice is to look for a cloud hosting solution. Or to be more precise, check out Cloudways, as it’s hands-down one of the best cloud hosting providers out there.

Cloudways can provide you with unrivaled performance and speed, many features and apps you can choose from, along with transparent pricing compared to many other web hosting companies.

Before we delve into Cloudways specifics, please keep in mind that Cloudways doesn’t offer a specific reseller program – but you’re free to resell it anyway.

In terms of how Cloudways functions, you need to know that this web hosting company has partnered up with several cloud providers (Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Compute Engine) and you can take your pick. If you settle on Digital Ocean, you get the cheapest plan. It costs $10 per month and includes 25 GB storage space, 1 GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth.

When it comes to Cloudways’ pricing options, it’s worth mentioning that Cloudways has a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. So, you get to pay for the resources you’ve used throughout a specific month, and then you can make certain changes and feature adjustments for the next. If you want to get a better idea of the pricing options and the overall system Cloudways has, you can visit their official website and take a closer look.

That being said, there are certain resources and features that come with each Cloudways plan (irrespective of the provider you’ve chosen):

  • a free SSL certificate;
  • built-in advanced caching;
  • multiple PHP versions;
  • dedicated firewalls;
  • staging environment;
  • free migration;
  • auto-healing;
  • automated backups;
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee;
  • a CDN;
  • SEO-based servers;
  • SSH and SFTP access;
  • regular security patching.

Cloudways also provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email (you can visit their community forum too!).

Finally, for those who aren’t ready to commit to Cloudways, there’s a free trial to help you see whether this hosting option is a good fit.


  • transparent pricing structure
  • high scalability
  • a wide range of cloud providers to choose from


  • offers cloud hosting only

5. HostPapa – Best VPS for Reseller Hosts


HostPapa Logo

Price: $19.99 per month
Disk space: 60 GB
Support: email, phone, and support tickets

VPS can be used for your own reselling purposes, meaning you can split your virtual server resources into different packages. So, if you’re searching for the best VPS for reseller hosts, you need to check out HostPapa’s hosting packages.

HostPapa’s enterprise-grade VPS hosting solutions provide premium performance, advanced control, and high-security levels. Not only are they high-tier plans, but they have interesting names – they’re named after the planets of our solar system.

So, Mercury is the cheapest plan (it costs $19.99 per month) and comes with 60 GB storage space, 2 GB memory, 4 Core CPU, and 1 TB transfer.

Venus includes 4 Core CPU, 4 GB memory, 125 GB storage space, and 2 TB transfer.

The Earth plan has 8 Core CPU, 8 GB memory, 250 GB storage space, and 2 TB transfer.

Next up is the Mars plan which comes with 8 Core CPU, 16 GB memory, 500 GB storage space, and 4 TB transfer.

Finally, the Jupiter plan includes 12 Core CPU, 32 GB memory, 1 TB storage space, and 8 TB transfer.

All five plans also come with the following features:

  • root-level access;
  • free VPS migration;
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee;
  • network monitoring;
  • a free SSL certificate;
  • hosting unlimited domains;
  • a SolusVM VPS panel;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • enhanced SSD servers;
  • AW stats software;
  • Softaculous (more than 400 free apps);
  • private nameservers and wholesale domains;
  • 24/7 customer support (via email, phone, and support tickets);
  • 2 IP addresses;
  • unlimited domain aliases, hosted websites, and subdomains;
  • HTML editor;
  • regular security updates;
  • unlimited FTP accounts.

You also get robust email management features and resources such as:

  • unlimited mailboxes (POP and IMAP);
  • manual email filtering;
  • unlimited forwarders;
  • unlimited autoresponders;
  • Squirrelmail webmail;
  • Horde webmail;
  • Roundcube webmail;
  • Clam AV;
  • SpamAssassin spam blocker;
  • BoxTrapper spam blocker.

Besides such VPS hosting packages, HostPapa has separate reselling hosting solutions, ready to take your business to the next level. HostPapa also provides shared hosting, eCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, and business email services.


  • robust servers
  • scalability


  • fewer data centers

6. WP Engine – Best Reseller Hosting


Wpengine Logo

Price: no charge (it just depends on how many clients you bring over)
Support: live chat, email, and phone

WP Engine is a company that provides users with a highly scalable platform so that they can make the most of their digital experiences. When it comes to its reseller hosting, please note that the way WP Engine presents its hosting solutions is a bit different from the traditional classifications and categories we are used to, but don’t let that confuse you.

So, WP Engine offers three reseller options – MemberAdvanced, and Strategic depending on your needs and where your business stands. Before we focus on what each option offers, it’s worth mentioning that joining this program is absolutely free of charge (what matters is how many clients you bring over).

Also, if you’re a new partner you need to join the Member program first, and then as you make more revenue and have more clients, you can move up the tiers without any problems.

Here’s what you get with each tier:

  • access to WP Engine’s partner portal;
  • advanced developer tools;
  • genesis framework;
  • a free staging account on WP Engine;
  • partner communications;
  • a global CDN;
  • a free SSL certificate;
  • co-branded landing page;
  • 24/7 customer support (via live chat, email, and phone);
  • more than 35 StudioPress themes.

Now let’s see how each tier differs. The Member tier includes the basics each tier comes with, we’ve just outlined – it only has partner directory listing as an additional feature.

The Advanced tier also includes:

  • features partner directory;
  • dedicated sales support;
  • lead referrals;
  • basic joint marketing;
  • basic quarterly reviews.

The Strategic one comes with:

  • preferred partner directory listing;
  • lead referrals;
  • dedicated sales support;
  • custom joint marketing;
  • custom quarterly reviews;
  • custom on-site training.

Overall, WP Engine is a very professional and business-oriented hosting company, which makes some of its other hosting solutions not very affordable. It has hosting packages for small and medium businesses, as well as enterprise and agency-based hosting solutions. It also has features that support marketers and developers.


  • highly scalable plans
  • free of charge to join


  • only WordPress-focused hosting

What factors are important in choosing a reseller web host?

There are many types of hosting and many qualities of a good hosting provider, and while having options is great, it can sometimes cause confusion rather than help you. This is often so when it comes to choosing a reseller web host.

This happens because when you need to pick a reseller hosting plan you need to take many things into account (much more than if you were choosing a shared hosting plan, that is!). For example, you need adequate disk space, high-security levels, fast load times, and so on.

That being said, this isn’t about knowing that you need them – it’s about knowing how much/many of them you need. So, if you’re hosting a few websites and you have several clients then you probably don’t need unlimited disk space. However, if you’re running a large reseller business and the number of clients increases on a daily basis, then you need to consider having a lot of disk space.

choosing web hosting

Also, the bigger the number of websites, the higher the risk from spam and cyber attack, so you’ll need to look into web hosts who offer more advanced security features as part of their reseller hosting packages.

In general, there are many aspects and features you need to consider, but the best way to do so is to understand fully what each feature means, what it entails, and what it means/what it can do for specific websites.

That’s why we’ll explain a few of them in greater detail:

What security features do you need?

Making sure your clients’ websites are safe (and ensuring it stays that way!) is the single most important thing you should keep in mind. It may sound redundant or as if it’s not your fault if someone else does something to your client’s website, but this can impact your authority more than you may think.

That’s why it’s super important to choose a reseller host that takes the necessary security measures. You can easily see this from the types of features they offer.

SSL sertificates

So ask yourself: ‘Do they give an SSL certificate?’, ‘Do they provide automatic daily/weekly backups?’, ‘Are they open to suggestions as to how they can provide better security to their users?’, and so on.

How fast are the loading times?

Do you know that as page load time goes from:

  • 1 second to 3 seconds the possibility of bounce rates increases by 32%
  • 1 second to 5 seconds the possibility of bounce rates increases by 90%
  • 1 second to 6 seconds the possibility of bounce rates increases by 106%
  • 1 second to 10 seconds the possibility of bounce rates increases by 123%?

This Google study dates from 2017, but it’s still as relevant because it serves to show you how much website speed and matters and what implications it can have.

There are so many ways to boost your site speed that it would be a shame to not include at least a few of them. Some of the most common solutions are: minimizing HTTPs requests, shrinking your images, enabling file compression, installing a content delivery network (CDN), and using responsive themes across a wide range of electronic devices.

Check how much disk space you are allowed

Disk space is probably one of the key factors you need to consider carefully before settling on a specific reseller hosting package. Many feel they need to choose a web host that grants them unlimited disk space and/or unlimited bandwidth.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to check AUP/TOS (Acceptable Use Policy/ Terms of Service) before making a final decision. This is so because many claim they provide unlimited storage space, but they still have quite some limitations. In other words, even unlimited disk space has its own limitations.

SSD storage

It’s the same as paying for unlimited Internet service, but later on, you learn that it’s called unlimited because it includes A LOT of GB’s, which you probably won’t be able to use throughout a specific month. It’s more or less the same when it comes to disk space.

Number of accounts per plan

Yet another hosting feature that matters to those who are in the reseller hosting game is the number of accounts they can sell.

This is something that depends on how much YOU want to sell (that is, how much you’re planning on expanding your business, or maybe you prefer keeping it small), and also how much a specific web host allows you to.

For example, many web hosting companies don’t pose limits when it comes to the number of accounts you can sell. And let’s say you’re using a cloud hosting reseller plan – the system may even allocate resources to your account as they’re needed.

There are many options and possibilities when it comes to the number of accounts – of course, the more accounts you can resell, the more you can earn, so take your pick wisely.

Which Reseller Web Hosting Type is Right for your Website?

Reseller Hosting for Web Designers

It’s not uncommon to come across web designers who offer web hosting services. In fact, making a conscious decision to include hosting services as part of your portfolio may even end up attracting more clients in the long run!

So, many web designers decide to choose reseller hosting plans because they’re looking for a practical way to host several client domains under a single framework. Plus, this method allows them to also handle billing independently (especially when it comes to separate add-on services and extra features and resources).

Best reseller hosting providers for web designers:

  • SiteGround
  • WP Engine
  • Hosting24

Cheapest Reseller Web Hosting

Opting for a cheap(er) reseller web hosting solution allows you to invest less, and charge for your hosting services once you re-sell your hosting. This can be tricky when you need to settle on an actual, specific hosting provider, though.

That being said, you may not be in need of industry-premium features or advanced reseller hosting packages (depending on the number of accounts and the type of your clients), however, that doesn’t mean you should pick a web host only because they’re affordable. You need to make sure they’re a reliable web hosting company; otherwise, you may save a bit of money at the beginning, but it may cost you clients in the long run.

Luckily for you, there are many reseller hosting companies out there who are both reliable and reasonably priced.

Best cheapest reseller web hosting providers: 

  • A2 Hosting
  • Hosting 24
  • SiteGround

VPS Reseller for Web Hosting

There’s reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and so on. But when we talk about VPS reseller for web hosting, what we’re indicating is a larger server (also known as a parent server) that’s divided into several smaller instances that are capable of hosting multiple other websites and accounts.

This is very suitable for business-oriented webmasters who want to make use of various reseller tools combined with the power of a virtual server (VPS) server. The best part is you can manage each of these websites separately and allocate resources and features wherever they’re needed at a given time.

Best VPS reseller hosting providers:

  • InMotion Hosting
  • HostPapa

Software for Reseller Web Hosting

There are many software tools for reseller web hosting, however, one of the best ones is definitely WHMCS.

It’s a one-stop solution, offering complete automation of your business. It covers:

  • client management;
  • billing (sending invoices, collecting payments, taxes, and different types of payment reminders);
  • add-ons (such as project management, SSL automation, mobile apps, and software licensing);
  • a support ticketing system and others.

WHMCS is also developer-friendly (it includes modular, and well-documented API’s and ORM that make developing with WHMCS a walk in the park). It’s also carefully integrated with leading hosting control panels and various domain name registrars to provide automatic provisioning.

Best software for reseller web hosting:

  • BILLManager
  • Blesta

Reseller Hosts by Country

Many who engage in the reselling hosting business struggle with choosing a reseller host because of the host’s location. In essence, they want to try to avoid latency and slow loading times for their clients because they may be based in Europe, their client could be in Asia, and their chosen reseller host may be in the USA.

However, this isn’t an issue. Nowadays, with the advanced hosting features such as turbo servers, content delivery networks, and the wide range of data centers web hosting companies offer, it’s easier than ever to make sure these things don’t cause problems.

Also, with such a vast competition among different web hosts, the majority wouldn’t allow having dissatisfied clients and neglect such hosting aspects.

Best reseller hosting services by country: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I resell web hosting?

Understanding how to resell hosting isn’t rocket science. In fact, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty straight-forward as any other business. Of course, there are many aspects you can’t predict, but there are many things that depend only on you. Here are the key steps you need to follow if you want to engage in reselling web hosting:

  • choose a proper reseller web hosting provider (you should be able to successfully do this after reading our reviews and overall article);
  • create your own hosting services (after settling on an adequate web host, you need to think about allocating resources and features, how you are going to create accounts for your clients, and so on);
  • set prices (this goes hand in hand with configuring your own billing system too);
  • be available to your clients (this one is pretty much self-explanatory).

What is the best website hosting for small business?

If we’re being honest there are many web hosts for small businesses out there. In fact, there’s almost no web hosting company that doesn’t provide hosting solutions for small-sized businesses.

That doesn’t mean each one of them is equally great for your own website, however. If you’re looking for small business hosting, then you’re probably considering a shared server hosting plan.

The most important thing is to set up a budget and look for the essential features most web hosts offer (such as disk space, bandwidth, one-click installs, to name a few). Then, it’s best if you see which hosts provide some “extra” features such as a free domain name for the first year, a free SSL certificate, basic email hosting perhaps, and so on.

That being said, some of the most suitable web hosts for small-sized businesses are Hostinger, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, and some others.

Can you make money reselling hosting?

Yes, reselling hosting is a profitable activity when it’s done and implemented properly. Here are some of the ways how you can start making money by reselling hosting:

  • start small (don’t expect to get tons of money right away so be realistic in your expectations);
  • gather all the experience you can (preferably even consult others who have been reselling hosting for a while);
  • decide on a market niche (for example, you can offer only WordPress hosting);
  • create your own packages (this is not only easier for you, but it will avoid potential money-related conflicts with customers);
  • manage your own growth (also, be honest about areas you’re lacking – suppose you don’t know which hosting plan is suitable for a specific client, instead of offering the wrong advice, consult someone who has experience in that area);
  • make sure to provide great customer service.

Finally, don’t forget your worth in the process :).

How do I start a web hosting business?

  1. Understand why you want to run a web hosting business in the first place;
  2. Know the market;
  3. Analyze your competitors, but don’t underestimate them – what can you learn from them? And also, what can you do differently and better in the long run?;
  4. Decide the core of your business (Is it going to be dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and/or enterprise-level hosting? Maybe WordPress hosting?);
  5. Think about your customer service (Will it include live chat, phone, emails or tickets? Perhaps all of them?);
  6. Consider the prices you’ll include and the features that will come with each hosting plan. In essence, create your business model(s);
  7. Re-evaluate all of the above;
  8. Come up with a marketing strategy to attract potential customers;
  9. Work, work, work.

Who can be a domain reseller?

Any company or even an individual can be a domain reseller (even freelancers are starting to become domain resellers!). And the best thing is that it’s a low-cost way of becoming a part of the domain market.

In brief, you can go to ICANN and follow their guidelines and instructions for domain reselling so that you become an accredited provider. You can also partner up with domain registrars accredited by ICANN – all you need to do is to register for a domain name reseller account within a hosting company and then you can host the domains you resell.