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Matthew Rogers

Author: Matthew Rogers

Last Updated on March 13, 2022

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Free… initially A quick summary for people with no time (pretty much all of us)

Sadly, in a nutshell, we don’t recommend, for a few reasons with the main ones being uptime and support. Let’s run through a few problems we found.

No uptime guarantee: Yup, you read that right, they don’t have any guarantees that your website will be up, or for how long… with every other hosting provider trying to achieve 99.9% uptime, says nope, we won’t guarantee anything, not a great start!

Features: While there a few features we always like to see in our hosting providers, I think backups would be one of the most important ones, definitely if there’s no uptime or performance guarantee… well, the starter package doesn’t include backups, big no-no in our book.

Support: There are quite a few complaints about their support attitude floating around, way too many to ignore. It seems like support staff can use the no uptime (or performance) guarantee thing as an excuse for all sorts of issues…

So what we’re really saying is… there are better alternatives out there. Have a look at our web hosting comparisons where we researched and analysed the top web hosts for different countries (both from a quality and cost perspective).

Black friday deals Hosting Review

The company was founded by Jacob Jensen way back in 2002 in Denmark. To date, it has about 1.5 million customers spanning 149 countries. They also have over 270 employees. has registered companies in Denmark, Philippines, India, and Dubai allowing it to be competitive in the market (including the UK web hosting market it seems).

The company provides various products and services including Hosting, Website Builder, Emails, Domain Registration, and Office 365, among others. They have won many awards such as being the Netzsieger’s Editor’s Choice among web hosting providers. PC Magazine Netherlands & Belgium also awarded as the Editor’s Choice for the best web host (could be they used to be great)… but we really can’t see them as one of the top UK web hosts. has support teams, developers, and engineers located in India, Dubai, and Denmark. Support is offered in various languages including Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, French, Swedish, and English. Every month, the support team answers over 100,000 inquiries.

Pricing provides four types of hosting packages. These plans are named Hosting Starter, Professional, Professional Plus, and Business. The said plans can be seen below: pricing

The cheapest plan is called the Hosting Starter package. It costs USD 2.45 per month and you can only opt for an annual mode of payment. Thus, you have to shell out a total of USD 29.4. The setup fee costs USD 13.80. Plus, you STILL have to pay the value-added tax (VAT) upon checking out.

According to, the Hosting Starter package is perfect for basic websites, blogs, and email hosting. It gives you a storage space of 25GB which is pretty much enough if you’re starting a basic website. You can only have one website per hosting account. Thus, if you’re only having a single website per hosting account, 25GB worth of disk space “might be” enough for your storage needs.

The storage used are solid-state drives (SSDs). Because of its unique processes, SSDs work faster than traditional drives. This means, your website loading speeds will be faster compared to others who employ traditional drives as their means of storage.

You are given unlimited bandwidth meaning you can accommodate an unlimited amount of traffic. You don’t have to pay extra for an unusually large amount of website viewers. Plus, you are given unlimited email accounts. Again, you don’t have to shell out more money for additional mailboxes. You can assign email accounts to different persons in charge of different departments of your website (or business).

The Hosting Starter package, along with other packages, comes with a Free SSL Certificate. The SSL Certificate allows you to encrypt sensitive information so it cannot be seen while it is passed from server to server until it reaches its destination. This is useful if your website handles important information such as credit card numbers.

Support Options provides you various options to get support. These options are included below:

  • System Status Page,
  • Self-Help Knowledge Base,
  • Online Live Chat Support,
  • Telephone Support, and
  • Email Support.

The System Status page shows the general availability of systems in Europe and America. It states if these systems are operational or not. In addition,’s partners such as Rushfiles, Sitelock, and MarketGoo are included in this page with status reports as well. Scheduled maintenance reports can be seen in the System Status page with past incidents included too inform their customers of important past events that has occured with their operations.

The Self-Help Knowledge Base, or Help Center as the company calls it, is pretty much obvious. It contains guides on how to set up and manage the packages you avail. Email support, telephone, and online live chat, are available 24/7 to cater to the growing support needs of their customer base.

When it comes to customer reviews, garnered mixed sentiments. Some customer reviews stated that their customer support system was quick to respond to questions. They actually experienced great customer support service from the company.

However, other reviews stated that has a poor support team unable to answer simple and complicated questions. Although, it was quick to get hold of a representative, most of them didn’t solve the customer’s problems. In the end, most customers had to move from to another web hosting provider.


When it comes to signing up with, there are some advantages. These are included below:

Unlimited Bandwidth

With the Hosting Starter package, you get to have unlimited bandwidth. This means you can accommodate an unlimited amount of traffic. You will not be charged for a more-than-usual amount of website viewers.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Even the cheapest package comes with unlimited email accounts. You don’t have to shell out more money just to get another email hosting service. Every person associated with your website (or business) who needs an email address will have his/ her own account.

Free SSL Certificate

The SSL Certificate is given to you for free. This allows you to encrypt sensitive information as it is passed along various servers to its final destination. This also means you get one step ahead of the competition in terms of search engine rankings. As you might or might not know, search engines like Google favours secure websites (HTTPS) over non-secure ones (HTTP).


There are various disadvantages when it comes to signing up with Below are some of them:

Limited Storage

The Hosting Starter Plan only gives you 25GB worth of disk space. This might not be enough if you want a website filled with high-quality images and videos. Some hosting companies provide unlimited disk space and clearly is on the losing end on this one.

Mixed Reviews On Customer Support

Some reviews were positive. Although some were negative. As stated before, negative reviews even stated that their customer support representatives reiterated that there was no guarantee on uptime and performance. This indicates that they don’t care or can’t do anything if performance of websites go down.

A good customer support service is one of the key factors in selecting a web hosting provider. has mixed reviews and you can’t bet on something that won’t be consistent. Would you want an inconsistent website that goes up and down at random times? Of course, not.

Conclusion is definitely one hosting company to avoid. They do not have uptime or performance guarantees and they have mixed customer support sentiments. Those are key features you need in a web hosting company and clearly is lacking them.

A big fat nope from us, instead have a look at our country-specific web hosting comparisons.