Best Email Hosting for the UK

From a web agency’s perspective

As a web agency, this is one of the #1 questions we get… where to host our email? Should we use our existing web host? Do we go to a third party that specialises in only email?

The answer is pretty easy.

If you only have a few staff (less than 5), and you don’t plan on either emailing constantly or sending through big attachments, using your existing web host for email should be fine (if you’re still looking for a good web host for the UK, check our best UK website hosting comparison).

If however, you’re either quite a big company (or are planning to grow), or you email a LOT and may send a few big attachments… then I would definitely recommend going with a third party email hosting provider.

For a decent free email provider, check Zoho Mail ->

If you have some budget, definitely go with G suite for business (gmail), it’s a no-brainer (we use it too) ->

Email hosting for the UK

Email communication is an essential component for small to large businesses. Whichever mail solution you have, you need an email hosting service to successfully use it. With the many options out on the market, it can become difficult to select an email hosting service. The process of finding one that suits your business can turn into a time-consuming process.

Instead, to narrow down the search, there are a few features you need to consider before deciding on a hosted email provider. Taking the following into consideration will save you time and money.

So, how exactly can you tell if the hosting email provider you’re considering is reliable? Let’s begin.

Features to Look for When Looking for a UK Email Hosting Provider

An efficient email hosting provider will be easy to use, streamline the progress of your website, and provide solutions to spam related issues. It will also increase productivity within your workplace as you’ll be giving your team the right tools to succeed.

For the most efficient email hosting system, you’ll want to look for: disc space, speed, location, support, security, among a few others. As a business owner, you understand the value of productivity, which is why it’s important to have an email system that’s right for your business in terms of functionality.

Disc Space

As a rule of thumb, the more storage and disk space, the better! While this is an obvious point, we do suggest beginning with a provider that you can afford. Consider the size of your business and how much disc space you truly need. As your business grows, you can always invest in more space.

The type of website that you have will depend on how much disc space you need. For instance, if it contains large video and audio files, you will use up more space than a simple site. E-commerce sites with large numbers of product pages take up more space than a blog – since they typically contain text and limited graphics.


This factor is important in many different areas. When looking for an email hosting provider, consider speed. If your site has a large client base and experiences a lot of traffic on a regular basis, the speed of your provider needs to be fast to handle the traffic your site receives daily.


A reliable location allows you to offer services in proximity to your target audience, consequently increasing your revenue and business success. Additionally, be sure you have access to your email no matter where you are. You should be able to access it on your smartphone, tablet, or another electronic device.


A cluttered email inbox can become a real problem. It can cause important emails to get lost among the rest, making it difficult to find a message quickly. A solution is an email hosting service that gives you enough storage for archiving. Many providers have a system in place to manage your emails.


This is high up on the list of importance when looking for an email hosting service. When something goes wrong, you need to get in contact with someone quickly. A strong support team is needed in the case of emergencies or an unplanned outage. When glitches appear, you want a provider that’s available 24/7, every day of the week.

Along with this, you need a provider that will advise you on the best practices to use to enhance your email service. If you have a concern or question, they should be easy to get in touch with and knowledgeable enough to give you a timely response.


Finally, confidentially is a must! Because you will have important information in your inbox, email security is important to avoid data breaches, unauthorised access, or a loss of revenue. The email hosting service you decide on needs to offer top-notch security.


We would like to mention that you can get free email hosting for your business. Some pros of this include:

  • 100% free service
  • No commitment or contract

A few disadvantages of going with a free email host include:

  • Unexpected downtime
  • Ads
  • Weak security
  • Less storage space

Investing in a paid email hosting service will allow you to have a personalised domain name to have a business brand. You won’t have to worry about any advertisements, and your email security will be higher than a free service. We suggest investing in a professional email host as your benefits will be greater.

Technology is continuously evolving, making email a primary source of communication among businesses – large and small. Regardless of your type of business, an efficient email host provider can streamline your business while saving you time and money.

Keeping the features above in mind when deciding on an email hosting provider will help give your team the right tools for success. With the several providers on the market, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and budget.