SiteGround is a high-quality hosting provider that offers one of the most advanced, reliable, and innovative technological platforms. They have been available on the web hosting market for over 9 years, and they host over 350,000 domains over the three data centers they run across the world. With their USA, Netherlands, and Singapore data centers, they provide their users with comprehensive coverage and a premium service.

The company has created in-house technologies to provide their users with incredible website security and speed, as well as providing the industry’s fastest customer service.

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SiteGround Billing and Coupon FAQs

What hosting plan is best for me?

There are plenty of different hosting plans to choose from, and the hosting plan that is best for you depends heavily on the type of website that you are looking to create. If your goal is to simply host a small website for your personal use, then you should be able to get by just fine with the lowest level hosting plan that is available. However, for those looking to host more than one website, purchasing a higher-level plan might be the ideal course of action for their purposes. If you think that your website will generate a high level of traffic to your website, a top-tier plan may be necessary, but it’s often difficult to predict how many visitors your website will have and make that call. Therefore, you can always try a lower-level plan while you are first starting out and upgrade the website later when you have a better idea of the type of traffic that will be coming into your website.

Is month-to-month billing available?

After registering a new account, you can sign up for a single month to have a trial of the service for free. However, if the account is not canceled after the month runs out, the plan will be automatically renewed for an annual billing cycle, as a monthly billing cycle is not an option through the web hosting provider.

What other billing cycles does SiteGround offer?

The billing cycle options available through SiteGround are every 3 months, every 12 months, every 24 months, or every 36 months.

Is it free to register a domain?

This is dependent on the type of domain you are looking to register. The most common domain extensions are .com, .org, .net, .biz, .us, and .info. For these extensions, you are provided with one included domain name with your hosting plans. Other domain extensions, such as those that are country-specific or newer extensions such as .academy or .today, may come with an extra fee.

What payment types can I use?

SiteGround accepts credit card payments only from Visa and Mastercard.

What payment types are accepted by SiteGround?

SiteGround accepts payments from MasterCard or Visa credit cards only. The company does not accept other payment methods, including PayPal.

Can I get my money back?

SiteGround offers their users a 30-day money back guarantee on the shared hosting plans it provides. The guarantee covers only hosting fees, however, and is not applicable for domain registration fees or other miscellaneous fees. It does not apply to those who are renewing their accounts, and is only available to new users. In order to get your refund, you must cancel your SiteGround account prior to the service being automatically renewed.

As is stated in SiteGround’s terms of service, you may need to may cancellation fees, and thus may not receive a complete refund. These fees will never be more than you paid for the hosting.

Will my price increase when my plan renews?

Yes, as the SiteGround coupon is only applicable to the first invoice. Upon renewal, you will be charged the regular rate. To take the most advantage of your savings, sign up for 26 months of hosting using your discounted price.

What is domain privacy?

When you purchase an online domain, some personal information will be publicly listed in the ICANN Whois online domain directory, including your name, phone number, address, and email. A domain privacy service protects your personal information from identity theft, fraud, spam, and more. SiteGround offers this service for a recurring monthly fee.

What is SiteGround’s premium support?

All SiteGround customers are offered 24/7 support through a ticket system, but premium support is available for an additional charge that gives those tickets a higher priority. This allows users to file their tickets faster and receive faster response times.

Should I buy the basic backup service?

SiteGround backs up all its customers’ data daily, making their latest copy available to them. The basic backup service, however, allows them access to the last 30 backups and the instant backup restore tool. If you think you may need to restore your site to a previous version, this is a convenient and easy service to have access to.

What is HackAlert Monitoring?

SiteGround offers its HackAlert Monitoring service through a third-party cloud-based software that is available at an additional charge. It scans as many as 10 random pages of the website daily for malware. If it detects any suspicious code, you will immediately be emailed about the potential issue.