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Last Updated on April 5, 2021
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InMotion Hosting: A quick summary for people with no time (pretty much all of us)

In a nutshell, InMotion is pretty awesome, the services and tech used is high-quality and the support is responsive and knowledgeable…. but, looking at the cost and the fact that their servers are in the US, there are definitely better options out there. Even if you lived in the US and your site was targeting a US audience, there are still more affordable options out there… though the fact remains that InMotion is really good, which why we rate it so high!

That being said, for Canada, our favourite is still GreenGeeks, they’re super-green (putting 300% of what they use back into the grid), have a lightning fast data center in Canada (and the US), and they offer the same features at a much more affordable price ($6.39 vs $3.95, it adds up over time)! Have a looks at our GreenGeeks review.

To learn more about InMotion Hosting, keep reading below.

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InMotion Hosting Review

One of the largest hosting companies, inMotion Hosting started out in 2001. It’s one of the few web hosting providers not owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), who owns quite a few massive hosting providers like HostGator, iPage, and Bluehost.

inMotion Hosting prides itself on staffing web hosting experts having an average of 4 years experience in professional hosting products and/or services. Their management team are made up of technology experts that have an average of 10+ years of web hosting experience.

They have worked with multiple brands such as Yahoo!, Bing, Twitter, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Cpanel, and Parallels, among others. They have partnered up with for website security. The said company is a globally-recognized leader in the industry of web security.

inMotion Hosting has garnered multiple awards since its inception. even regarded them as the best pick for web hosting services.


inMotion Hosting offers three types of business hosting plans. These are named “Launch,” “Power,” and “Pro.” The said packages can be seen below:

The first package, Launch, costs $6.39 per month if you opt to pay a total of 2 years upfront. However, it will cost you $7.46 per month if you opt for a yearly payment term. For the Launch package, you cannot avail of a month-per-month mode of payment.

The Launch plan gives you a variety of features at your disposal. You are provided with a free domain name. Plus, you can have 2 websites in one hosting account. The great thing about this plan is it provides you with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This means you’re given an ample amount of storage for your website allowing you to host more images and videos in your domain.

With unlimited bandwidth comes with the ability to transfer data to multiple users. This is especially helpful if you have thousands (or millions) of website viewers per day. If you want your site to be secure, inMotion Hosting also provides you with a free SSL certificate.

If you have multiple users in charge of your domain name, you can provide them with their own email accounts. The Launch package comes with unlimited email accounts that you can access on any device. Also, they provide data backups for free. In case something happens to your website, you can restore it based on a certain backup made by inMotion Hosting.

Manually installing software can be a pain. With inMotion Hosting’s 1-click installer, you can install more than 400 applications on your website, which makes creating your own website very easy. For those who need to utilize Google apps, the package also provides a Google Apps Integration feature. This means Google Apps is included in the cPanel so you can easily integrate it into your domain within minutes.

If you are a web developer or have hired one to help you on your website, the Launch package makes it easy for you to create websites. Its shared servers support multiple programming languages such as MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and PostgreSQL. This allows web developers to develop a website using a language they know best.

If you’re into advertising, the Launch package provides you with $150 worth of free advertising credits. Aside from that, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee. You can cancel and get your money back if their products and/or services do not meet your expectations.

Finally, inMotion Hosting is the only company that provides Max Speed Zones. They use advanced routing technology, a variety of data centers, and premium bandwidth providers to provide a faster network. This results in your enhanced website performance including faster launching of websites, managing of emails, and downloading of files.

Support Options

inMotion Hosting provides you with various options to contact them for support:

  • Online live chat,
  • Support tickets,
  • Telephone call,
  • Email messaging,
  • Community support,
  • Skype, and
  • Self-help Support Center.

Their Self-help Support Center is filled with a variety of information such as FAQs, tutorials, tools and resources, and product guides.

The great thing about inMotion Hosting is their ability to provide support through Skype. The communication platform is widely used among businesses and can be a convenient way to communicate with the company. They also provide a 24×7 live chat and telephone support system. Giving you multiple ways to contact them.

Customer service of inMotion Hosting is superb. Most reviews state that they are fast when it comes to answering queries on both online live chat and telephone. The support team can answer complicated questions, and their staff are very knowledgeable about their products and/or services. Support tickets also get a response within a few hours.


Being a hosting giant, inMotion Hosting has its pros:

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Most hosting providers only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. With inMotion Hosting, you are offered 90 days worth of your money back. This is a pretty generous offer. When you are dissatisfied with their service, you don’t have to worry about your money being wasted on nothing.

SSD Storage

All business hosting plans provide a free SSD storage. This is an advantage as SSD is faster than its traditional counterparts. This results in your website loading faster than websites using old drives. If your website loads faster, your customers are more satisfied. Everybody hates waiting, right? Plus, websites that load faster are favored by search engines like Google when it comes to rankings.

Free SSL Certificate

You can get a free SSL certificate allowing you to protect customer’s sensitive information. Plus, it helps boost your rankings in search engines too!

Unlimited Mailboxes

With their cheapest package, you already get unlimited mailboxes which can sync on multiple devices. You can even access these mailboxes in any device. When multiple people are in charge of your website, you can give them their own email accounts at no extra charge.

Reliability and Performance

Reviews have shown that inMotion Hosting provides excellent-performing websites due to their high-end technology and servers. They provide a 99.99% uptime which means your website won’t experience crashes or downtimes.

Reliable Customer Support

Their support systems are available in multiple modes of communication. They provide community support as an extra layer of support enabling users to talk to other users. Plus, they can answer difficult and out-of-the-world questions related to their products and/or services.


There are drawbacks to partnering up with inMotion Hosting. Here are some of them:

No Month-Per-Month Billing

When you simply want to try out a web hosting company, you might just want to get a month-per-month contract. You wouldn’t want to shell out 3 years worth of services without even knowing if it is up to par.

The bad part about inMotion Hosting is its lack of month-per-month payment terms. You might not want to pay for a whole year upfront especially if you are low on funds.

Not The Cheapest

Yes. inMotion is not the cheapest out there. Some companies offer at a price of $3 or $4 a month for the same features inMotion has to offer.

Only 2 Domains

You can only host 2 domains in one hosting account. If you have 10 websites for example, you would need to go with the third plan, the Pro package. This will cost you about $18.99 per month if paid month-per-month–and that price is not too cheap.

Phone Verification

To prevent fraud, the company obliges clients to verify their purchases through the telephone. This can be hard for clients not based in the United States.


As mentioned in our summary, InMotion is really really good, but it comes at a price, and you wouldn’t be hosting in Canada which affects your site’s overall speed. We would strongly recommend you look at GreenGeeks, check out our review.

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