Tips On How To Improve Your Business Website

By July 7, 2015 November 1st, 2018 Web Design

Having a great website design is crucial for any business. Well-structured websites on a fast and speedy web host that have a good layout & content attracts, engages and retains visitors, while a poorly designed website can drive away prospective customers. Therefore, you need to get an up-to-date website to help you succeed with your online brand. Here are 7 important tips to help your site become more effective as a business tool.

1. Easy Navigation

At first it’ll be easy to navigate your brand-new website. But after a few extra pages and a few more products, it can get quickly out of hand, and basically become a giant mess as the business grows and changes. Customers need to find what they are looking for, and fast, or they will move to your competitor’s site. To avoid this, take some time and go over your website. Look at how it works and see how long it take to get from the front page to a product or service or contact information. Put yourself in the mind of the customer and see how your site works. If the navigation is poor, go to your home page and provide links to all your major points. Group common products and services together. Also, make it easy to get back to the main page and easy to contact you from any page.

Basically, your customers should find it easy and convenient to access information from your site.

2. Keep it simple

Your website needs to be unique, but trying too hard can sometimes hurt your business. Sites with too much colour, flashy images are not good for your online brand. Instead, be professional throughout your website. For consistent look, always go for safe colours, complimentary colours, or just a single colour.

3. Call-to-action

The call-to-action is one of the most important parts of a website. This is where you tell the reader what to do once they have finished reading your article. Once you show your valuable insights in the body of the article, the call-to-action gives your readers their next step. It can be to subscribe to your newsletter, download information or purchase a product or service.

To be effective, your call to action should be simple, beneficial, positive and eye-catching. It normally fits best at the end of an article, blog post or video.

4. Write powerful headlines

A powerful headline will get your readers to continue reading. A headline should grab your reader’s eyes and keep him/her interested. To accomplish this, you need to get into your reader’s head and understand what he/she wants, needs and desires. After this, write a simple, engaging and interesting headline so that it excites your readers.

5. Update your Meta descriptions

A meta description is a brief description of each page or site. When search engines find your site and list it among their results, the Meta description provides the search engine with a brief synopsis of the contents of your page. New visitors can easily determine, based on these words, whether or not your site is worth reading or not. A description tag should be easy to read and understand. Avoid using special characters like @, #, % and $. The description should be between 150-300 characters.

6. Include customer reviews

Testimonials on a website show a history of satisfaction with your business. This is a good way to convince those visitors that still doubt your company. Choose testimonials that appeal to your audience. Remember, you want your potential customers to relate to the people who have given previous testimonials. Use numbers, percentages and savings where possible to lend credibility to the testimonials. Numbers are concrete evidence of what you do. Testimonials should be short and to the point. Include them at various pages of the website where visitors can easily locate them.

7. Choose the right images

The colour and types of images in your website defines the mood, and evokes certain emotions from visitors. Choosing the right image and colour can be the difference between your product’s success and failure. Choose professionally-looking, high quality pictures.

Get the above points right (or just decent enough so it all works), and you’re on your way to making your site the automated marketing machine you want it to be!