Build Business in 2017 With These Web Design & UX Trends

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Keeping people on your website and enticing them to make the conversion you’re hoping for is a challenge. Whether you’re selling a product or service directly, or gathering email addresses for an ongoing marketing effort, it’s that conversion that is most important.

But how do you know which website design and UX trends will help you get that conversion rate up?

Aesthetics Plus Strategy

It goes without saying that your website should be attractive. But beyond aesthetics, you need a strategy and tactics to deliver ROI. After all, your website is the centre of your online marketing efforts — possibly all of your marketing efforts. It’s important that it’s working for you 24/7.

That’s why this new infographic from The Deep End Web Consulting is so helpful. It not only outlines ten website design and UX trends for 2017 — it illustrates why each works to drive conversions.

Top Tactics

  • Hone in on your target market with an age-responsive design. People respond to images reflective of their age group or interests.
  • Employ the psychology of speed perception with skeleton screens.
  • Use animation to attract attention to your CTA button (but keep it subtle).
  • Mesmerise your audience with cinemagraphs.
  • Use powerful video to share your story using real people who like your products or services.
  • Put engagement bots to work for you. They can answer questions that will help customers make the decision to click on your CTA.
  • Increase sales with shopping cart marketing.
  • Use irresistible offers to turn visitors into customers.
  • Make the most of landing pages with a clear path to conversions.
  • Take advantage of the latest habit, scrolling.

See the infographic below for more information.

2017 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions – An infographic by The Deep End Web Consultants

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