8 Inspiring Pricing Table Designs

By September 2, 2017Web Design

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The design of your pricing tables is one of the major factors that can determine your conversion rate… too complex, people will get confused… too many options, people will suffer from choice paralysis, etc. To help with the decision of which style to go for, I’ve listed 8 designs below that work quite well imho.


If you are looking for colorful pricing table design to spruce up your website, then Wufoo is the best choice. It is a powerhouse of a pricing table creator which is mostly used by large multi-national organizations, primarily for its easy to use interface and pricing options. It provides a total of 4 pricing options, whereas other sites only offer 2 or maybe three choices.

There is a price option that’s completely for those who sign up, but it lacks many useful features Wufoo offers to the customers.


If there is one brand that knows how to keep their audience hooked, it is Freshdesk. They have been in business as economic providers’ since a long time, which makes them quite bankable and credible.

They have five pricing options, which range from expensive plans – All the price tables shout creativity. The columns are arranged in order of density of flora in the tables. The forest is the highest and the sprout being the lowest.


Nobody is better at visual representation than Squarespace. It is economical (however, extra color templates cost more), comes with 2 pricing options and has a multitude of colors. The primary background you get for each table, no matter the plan, is black and white.

Although this may sound simple, it looks absolutely amazing as the creators have played with the contrast in an exceptional way. It is also open to customization, and you can use colors to highlight important aspects of your table which is a surefire way to grab attention and ultimately, profits.


Probably the simplest website on this list and also one of the only ones that have an option of “Try before you buy” which is a great attitude to survive in this market. The only downside faced by the creators is that users tend to only stick around for the free subscription and then wander off.

However, the attractive plans and the simple tables have garnered a very loyal fan base which has grown exponentially over the past few years.

The website also does not come across as deceptive, much unlike the other free trial sites that require your credit card details to join in for the free trial period.


MailChimp has to be one of the most, if not the most, innovative websites out there for pricing tables. It is also one of the most personal websites out there as its USP is playing to the user’s emotions and feelings. It achieves this by using flattering names, and it also uses animals to represent their plans. The animals grow bigger in size as the price increases. The cheapest plan is represented by a lamb, followed by the horse and the most expensive plan is represented by an elephant. The only downside to this website is that the pricing is not mentioned on the program page.


Much as the name suggests, it arranges tables as boxes in empty space-like designs. Right from the time you visit the site, you will see two boxes, each representing a different plan. The website is made in a clean and clutter free design. Plasso aims to simplify every process intelligent automation.

This is strategic because it is an excellent way of grabbing attention and it is also a surefire way of gaining customers because their most expensive plan is worth all the hype and is worth every single penny.



Offering easy and informative pricing which also includes a total list of their services and details, this website also falls under the category of being unique. It is unique because the pricing tables are put together in a modern way. The information represented is concise and relevant. The background also gives it a really 2017 look.



The name of the company is the price you get. It is square and straightforward. The price you see is what you pay, no hidden charges at all, however, there is only one option to choose from really.

The layout is arranged in a way that there aren’t any multiple columns, which can be a little confusing for customers. Here the information is laid out in 2 simple design elements.