While we are accepting guest posts for topics like web design, web hosting, WordPress, etc, we’re very strict on what gets through and what doesn’t.

I know that most people looking for guest posts opportunities are actually looking for high authority sites to put their link on (either to their own site, a client site, etc.), so to avoid low-quality content, please find our guidelines below. Read them carefully.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Form Submission: We only read submissions attached to a professional email address (so no @gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc <- these go straight in the bin).
  • Word count: Minimum 700 words
  • Topics: Web Design, Web Hosting, WordPress, SEO.
  • Article style: No fluffy guest posts, no obviously rewritten articles from other websites, needs to be conversational style.
  • Spelling & Grammar: Perfect English, free of mistakes, formatted properly etc.
  • Format: Word doc.
  • Link guidelines: We do not accept SEO’d articles with exact match anchor text, we reserve the right to edit articles. We do offer do-follow links, but analyse the sites we’re linking to, and reserve the right to reject/remove the links. Also, try and make some effort by also linking out to other authority sites if you mention case studies, statistics, etc.

That’s about it, please fill in the form below with your topic ideas, a bit of info on who you are (SEO agency, individual, etc.), and we’ll get back to you.