What Computer and Equipment Do You Need as a Graphic Designer in 2018?

As a graphic designer, your work will majorly involve studying the interplay between the appearance of the real world things and the human psychology so as to align your visual messaging to your audience. Although most designers learn their skill by attending a design school, there are others who actually obtain the same tools and learn alone. But what computer and equipment do you need as a graphic designer in 2018?

Well, whether you are in a design office or working from home there are many essential pieces of equipment that will help you. Here are some of the best equipment and computer that you need as a graphic designer.

1. Pantone reference library

If you are into a lot of print work, then you may want to use color at some point in your work. The only way to get an accurate idea of how your color will print out is to buy a Pantone reference library. A Pantone reference library is actually a series of folders and swatch books that will show you a printed version of your color. It will not only show you how the color will print out but also enable you to tear it out and print it to your proof.

2. Sketchbook

As a designer, having a sketchbook and something to sketch with is very important. Whether you are in education or vocation, sketching has continuously proven to be one of the most important cures of designers remedy. Apart from that, learning how to draw will set you apart from any other non-drawing designers out there. Although you may need a computer, you don’t have to start with one. Once you have a sketchbook, you also need to consider investing in colored pencils and other tools.

3. Microsoft surface book

Having a brilliant design and a stunning screen, this ultra-powerful laptop is perhaps one of the best computers for design work. Having a flexible build and stunning screen, this is a hybrid computer that you can easily detach and use on in windows 10 tablet mode. Since designer apps such as illustrator can be used in a tablet mode, the surface book is not only the ultimate sketchbook but is also a powerful machine for 3D and video editing.

4. Printer

Since printing services are very important for any designer, you need to have a printer. However, if you lack one you can make and maintain good relationships with those who do the actual printing. Remember, whatever kind of designs you come up with, all your color proofing will definitely end up with them. It’s, therefore, very important to have a printer.

5. Smartphone

Sometimes I tend to imagine where the world would be without smartphones. A smartphone is not only a tool for keeping in touch but also one of the best tools for researching and taking pictures. With its ability to visually record everything, it’s a very crucial equipment for the design process. As a designer, you need to record any inspiration that you see throughout the day. Diverse collection and well-curated snapshots can act as your own source of inspiration.

Wrap up

Well, whatever your niche may be, gathering all the equipment that you need may take some time. However, whether you are a pro or a new designer, you need to collect all that you need for your work to run well. Thankfully, with this computer and design equipment, you will definitely succeed your work.