Mobilegeddon is mere hours away… is your site ready?

By April 20, 2015 News

In just a few hours, Google will push one its biggest updates yet! They call it the Mobile Friendly update, we call it Mobilegeddon. In a nutshell, if your site isn’t responsive (or mobile-friendly), you’ll most likely get a ranking penalty on mobile search.

Example: If you were ranking on the 1st page for “emergency locksmith Brisbane”, most of your leads would come from people searching on their mobiles (trying to get in their house maybe). If your site isn’t responsive, your lead-flow will plummet very soon… it’s no laughing matter and a LOT of business will feel this update hitting their income!

Want to get back up? Get a responsive website!

For more info, SearchEngineLand posted a detailed analysis of the upcoming update! See below for more details.

Google’s mobile friendly update is planned to start rolling out tomorrow, the day has been coined “Mobilegeddon” by the community, but Google calls the algorithm the Mobile Friendly update. We first learned of Google’s intentions of releasing a new mobile friendly algorithm back in February, which is unprecedented for Google to pre-announce algorithmic changes, but Google did this to give webmasters ample time to make their web sites mobile friendly…

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