Google is evolving!

By September 1, 2015 News, Web Design

In its 20 year history, Google’s logo has gone through quite a few changes, and while the last few were pretty subtle, this one definitely is not. They’ve custom created a new geometric sans-serif typeface and called it Product Sans, it’s designed to be light-weight (305 bytes, compared the old logo at ~14,000 bytes) and easier to read on smaller devices (sans-serif fonts scale really well, while serif fonts can get quite hard to read when you size them down). On top of this they’ve changed the colours a bit, made them softer and in line with their Material Design style.


They’ve also re-designed their iconic G, again in a new font with the 4 colours embedded in the letter, it’s more playful and resembles the style of its new parent company Alphabet.


Personally, I’m a big fan of the logo, it was the logical next step, with their new material design taking over their products, the logo had to change as well. Aside from the new logo and the G, they’re also redesigning a lot of other elements to fit the new visual style, including some cute new animations for Google Now. Check out the GIF below to get a taste.


And to top it all off, Google released a video showcasing the changes in design and functionality since they started back in 1998. definitely worth a watch!