The Why

A recent survey by Grow Smart Biz says 84% of small businesses that go mobile see an increase in profits. That’s a pretty high percentage considering that those 84% probably don’t have a marketing team behind them.

They just realized that their customers were on their mobiles 24/7 and they needed to be there too! The world is going mobile and there’s no way around it, mobiles offer a ton of features desktop computers don’t, like geographical capabilities and the ability to scan QR codes.

The What

A mobile website is one that’s designed specifically for mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. As you might be have experienced already, regular sites that are designed for PCs don’t look quite right on mobile devices, they’re too text-heavy and difficult to navigate.

A mobile site is a stripped down version with minimal text and smaller images. It also replaces the usual links with user-friendly buttons, and because typing is hard on a mobile, it’s usually kept to a minimum.


A huge number of searches are now being done with mobile devices and this is only going to increase in the very near future. People bought more smartphones and other mobile devices this year than ever before, and they’re increasingly searching for your business by swishing their fingers on that small screen.

One of the things people are doing most on their mobiles is looking for local businesses.
If your business has an easy-to-use mobile website, they’ll find it.


If your website is optimized for mobile devices, you’ll have an unfair advantage over the competition. A mobile-optimized website gives the user a much better experience. Mobile surfers have notoriously little patience and if a website is not user-friendly, they’ll give it about 3 seconds of their attention before they click away to a competitor’s.

Nobody wants to look at a desktop-optimized website on their smartphone. The good news is that about 98% of all websites are currently not mobile optimized. This is especially true for offline businesses, which are often the last to adopt new technologies online. This means that getting ready for mobiles puts you far ahead of the competition.

So no matter what kind of business you run, now is the time to go mobile!


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