Why e-commerce sites should start creating location specific product offerings for mobile users

By May 14, 2015 July 28th, 2015 Marketing, Web Design

Any company that is not taking advantage of the location specific technology, which is now free for the general public on any mobile platform is doing itself a great disservice. The secret to e-commerce is being able to personalize each and every message that you send to your customers while you grow your client base simultaneously. This is what a generation of Millennial businesses were doing before the market for mobile became truly viable. The increased client side access that every company around the globe has within the mobile world only makes this task easier to accomplish.

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Here are just a few of the reasons that every e-commerce site should be taking advantage of location specific product offers.

People who are on the mobile platform are overall more likely to buy.

According to MarketWatch and many other reputable online marketing and statistics firms, the average consumer is 90% more likely to buy when he or she finds a product on a mobile phone than on a laptop. Part of this statistic is simply common sense: People who are out and about are looking to make a purchase. People who are sitting at home are likely looking to relax.

You must have a responsive website in order to engage people in their moment of “weakness,” so to speak. Having a presence on the mobile environment will give you a great deal of leverage with this customer at the right time, which is half of the battle in an over-saturated world of marketing.

People who are nearer to your physical location are more likely to buy.

Extrapolating off of this statistic, it is only common sense that people will be more likely to buy from you if they are nearest to your store. If people are looking up a solution for a problem, they are not looking up your store necessarily. However, a location specific engagement will inform the potential customer of the proximity of your store, increasing the chance that customer will not even consider another option for the purchase. This is exactly what you want.

Creating a mobile website will help to ensure your market space.

Ever since April of 2015, Google has stated that it will begin to phase out any site that does not have a dedicated mobile presence. Not only does your site have to show up on the major mobile operating systems, but it must be a fully responsive website as well.

Part of being fully responsive is a natural inclination towards location specific product offers. A business can easily implement a GPS API that will offer coupons to people who are within a certain distance of a physical storefront. As long as the coupons that you send out originate from an opt in marketing list, you should have no trouble here.

There are many other advantages to putting your customer first with location specific product offerings, but the reasons above are more than enough. Keep your customer first and make sure that you keep up with the technology that can help to move your business forward.