The Why and How of Video Content Marketing

By April 10, 2014 September 15th, 2015 Marketing

Ever thought about video marketing but don’t really know how it can help your business… or how to get started in the first place? SEJ (Search Engine Journal) just published a really comprehensive article on how to absolutely smash it with video marketing. Everything is covered, from the why to the how, and even how to SEO your published videos (don’t forget, Youtube is owned by Google, so SEOing your video will also help your visibility in Google SERPS).

So if you want to market your business a bit differently, video is definitely the way to go, and it’s a lot easier than you might think! Aside from some basic equipment and a video editing app, it’s just a matter of asking yourself 5 simple questions.

1. What’s my goal?
2. Who’s my audience?
3. What’s my message?
4. How do I use my message to get my audience to my goal?
5. How do I stay connected with those that took action on my video?

Once you’ve created your video, I do strongly recommend testing it on your friends or family, ask for feedback, and adjust accordingly. Make it as good as you possible can before releasing it in the wild!

Side-note: As we are actually a web design agency and NOT a video marketing company, I think it’s important to note that video and great website design can make a very powerful combo. Once you have a few really great videos up, definitely have a chat to your web guys to check how to best integrate the video in the design of your business site. This will not only increase visitor engagement, but will also increase the time spent on your site (that metric actually carries some weight when it comes to SEO, so yay, win – win!).


“Creating a good video is easier than you think. While you do need to plan the content carefully and maintain a basic standard of technical quality, neither of these concerns is beyond the reach of the average business. Using simple software such as Apple iMovie, Avid Studio, or Adobe Premiere Elements, you can shoot and edit HD videos to attract new audiences and promote your brand. Then there’s Vine and Instagram, which help you create videos for social sharing. The real key to successful video development is good planning.”

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