We help companies make more revenue through smart Adwords marketing and creative landing page design.

Targeted Keywords, Targeted Ads, High Conversion Rates

Google Ads logoWe don’t just focus on clicks; we target keywords that will bring conversions that turn into business outcomes for you.

Features of our Google Ads Management

Targeted quality traffic

We always focus on keywords that have purchase intent behind them. This way you aren’t paying for clicks from people who are only in research mode.

Display/retargeting ads

Not everyone is ready to convert with every click which is why it is important to follow up and request another opportunity to convert.

Fair pricing

We set a standard monthly fee to manage your AdWords and only charge a % once a set adspend threshold is met. Custom landing pages are extra.

Conversion copywriting

Our copywriting is focused on highlighting your value proposition and inciting action through active language use.

Custom Designed Landing Pages

If required we also do custom landing pages that are designed purely for conversions. Through our landing pages we can also do robust A/B testing to really turn the needle on your online sales.

Complete ownership

You will always retain complete ownership over your account and always have access. We believe in transparency and honesty with our clients.

Competitor intelligence

We have agency tools that enable us to scan your competitors’ website and identify keywords they are ranking for.

Call tracking

The phone is often the best conversion and closing tool. We believe it should be tracked just like an enquiry form. As a result, we encourage all of our clients to use call tracking and supply them access to a custom dashboard.

Custom reporting

We supply all of our clients with a custom monthly report along with insights of the past months’ activity.

What’s involved in setting up and maintaining a Google AdWords campaign?

1. Discovery

We sit down with you/or over the phone and discuss your business objectives and key value propositions. In addition to this, we analyse your web assets (website/analytics) and competitors in your space.

2. Strategy

Using the business insights we have pulled, we then apply an AdWords lens to the data and create primary keywords. These primary keywords will form the basis of the starting AdWords strategy.

3. Implementation

With our strategy in place, we create the campaigns and implement complete conversion tracking on your website. This will ensure that business outcomes delivered by the campaign are measurable.

4. Ongoing optimisation & reporting

We regularly check on the account and evaluate the performance and the next best possible action. This way we can continually turn the dial on your account.

Then once a month we provide a monthly report that focus on the key actions taken in the month. This is then taken into context with the business outcomes that were achieved. We believe what gets measured gets managed.

Google Ads Business Plan

Frequently Asked Questions By Our AdWords Clients

What is the difference between AdWords & SEO?

The primary difference between SEO and AdWords is that you pay for your clicks with AdWords. That being said, SEO is now a competitive arena that requires time, money and expertise to get right. For businesses that are looking for instant results, AdWords is our preferred channel. By using AdWords we can instantly have ads at the top of Google search result pages to test keywords within a couple of days. Often with our clients, we will start with AdWords, find keywords that drive business outcomes and then use that information for an SEO campaign.

I have been burnt before by an agency doing PPC management, why are you different?

Usually, when I hear this it comes as a result of a client having worked with a churn and burn agency. Their business model is not getting you results, but rather retention. Often when pushed, they will offer discounts to keep you on board.

Our model is different as we believe in long-term relationship building and providing holistic digital marketing solutions. As a result, our focus is on getting your business outcomes, not keeping you on a hamster wheel.