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Last Updated on April 8, 2021

Finding a good Minecraft server hosting provider can be quite tricky, there are a lot of features to compare and it’s sometimes not clear where the differences are. Not to mention the hosting terminology used can get confusing (how much RAM do you need for example). We’ve done the reviews and comparisons, hopefully saving you both time and money :).

Best Minecraft Server Hosting

  1. Hostinger – Best Minecraft Server Hosting
  2. ScalaCube – Runner-up Minecraft Hosting 
  3. Apex Hosting – Flexible Minecraft Server Hosting 
  4. BisectHosting
  5. MCProHosting
  6. MelonCube Hosting
  7. ServerMiner
  8. BeastNode
  9. Shockbyte

About Our Minecraft Server Reviews

The first few notes of the Minecraft theme will wash waves of nostalgia over experienced players, while building it within those who have stumbled into a world for the first time. It is the calm reminder of a new beginning that inspires Minecraft players to storm the stronghold to fight the ender dragon ⛏️.

Most Minecraft players agree that the game is better played with a group rather than alone. Fortunately, servers exist to allow players to join forces as they search the deepest ravines, wondering if Herobrine is a true entity that they will encounter one day.

The truth is, that unlike endermen, servers are not all created equal and it can be frustrating comparing specs to find the best option. That is why we have done the groundwork for you and have combined the top servers in this easy list. Gather your friends and enter a new adventure together on one of the top Minecraft server hosts.

Minecraft Hosting CompanyOverall RatingPrice/mo.Servers world-wideRAMWebsite
Hostinger logo USD $8.95[icon name="check"]2GBGet Started
scalacubeUSD $5[icon name="check"]768MBView Plans
apex hosting logo USD $5.99[icon name="check"]1GBView Plans

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting – 2021 Reviews

Here are the 9 best Minecraft server hosting reviews:

1. Hostinger

Hostinger Logo

Price: $8.95/month
Full Root Access: Yes

Hostinger is an easy-to-use, secure host site. With instant set-up and one-click Virtual Private Server (VPS) access, you can have your server up and running as soon as you’ve registered and paid for the account.

This host uses Multicraft’s control panel, which allows you to back up the server with a few clicks and to restore in seconds. Password changes are simple, and you can install mod packs and plugins right from your control panel.

Hostinger’s customer service team will be with you from the beginning, and the Hostinger website offers tutorials so that you can do the set-up. If you’ve never set up a server or want help, they’ll walk you through it at any time of the day or night. You can move the server among Hostinger’s five global locations for the lowest possible latency, too.

You can choose from five server levels, from Alex (best if you’re new with fewer than 70 players to host) to Enderman (bigger bandwidth for unlimited players). As your hosting experience grows, and you gain new players, you’ll be able to upgrade right from the client dashboard. Hostinger gives you plenty of room to build your Minecraft worlds, and you won’t lose data or your settings when you upgrade.

hostinger minecraft vid

Another thing that sets Hostinger apart is its refund policy. If you’re not satisfied, notify Hostinger within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll get your money back. If your plan included a free domain name, you get to keep the domain name, and Hostinger would deduct the list price of the domain name from the refund.

Main features:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant set-up
  • DDoS protection
  • Free MySQL
  • Multicraft panel
  • Mobile app
  • Full-time development team
  • PCI-DDS compliant
  • Automatic off-site backups
  • Dual-CPU hardware

2. ScalaCube

ScalaCube logo

Price: $5/month (after $2.50 for the first month)
RAM: 768MB
Full Root Access: Yes

ScalaCube is a Minecraft Pocket Edition host site. Minecraft PE is the mobile version of Minecraft, though it’s now available on non-mobile platforms as well as via the Bedrock engine. These versions are known as Bedrock editions.

Set-up is instant with one-click access. As soon as you purchase a server, you can click through the control panel to choose either PocketMine or Nukkit to run the server. ScalaCube’s control panel allows you to set up unlimited game servers with plans from 10 to 600 slots (depending on which mods and plugins you’ve installed) on one VPS server.

Their customer service team offers instructions and tutorial videos. For personal assistance, you can open a live chat any time, day or night. You can also submit a ticket right from your control panel. ScalaCube has an automated backup system that they can restore from if needed.

ScalaCube’s control panel has custom forger servers that allow you to create your own Minecraft launcher. You can also edit the server list and the list of mods for each server. Your launcher can connect players to your server by downloading all of their files for a smooth transition.

There are nine plans offering servers with RAM from 768MB to 32GB. As your hosting experience grows, and you gain new players, you can work with the ScalaCube customer service team to determine whether you need to upgrade and the right level for your current and future hosting needs. ScalaCube has servers with ultra-low latency in four global locations.

Main features:

  • Instant set-up
  • DDoS protection
  • Free MySQL
  • Multiple servers
  • BungeeCord support
  • Unlimited slots
  • Plugin/Mod/Mod pack support
  • Backup system
  • Custom PHAR/JAR
  • Custom launcher
  • Website and forum
  • Free domain

3. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting logo

Price: $5.99/month (after $4.49 for the first month)
Full Root Access: Yes

Apex Hosting is easy to use and offers secure servers for hosting Minecraft worlds. Once you’ve selected and purchased your server plan, you’ll be up and running within five minutes. Apex Hosting uses Multicraft’s control panel, which they’ve modified to make it even easier to manage files, edit configurations, change server versions, and more.

Their user-friendly custom panel makes it easy for you to customize your Minecraft server, even if you’ve never hosted before. If the server version you choose doesn’t offer the mods and plugins you want, the control panel includes a plugin manager so that you can install them easily.

Apex Hosting’s customer service team is one of the most experienced Minecraft teams available. With over 100,000 customers, Apex Hosting can help you with everything you need to run a successful Minecraft server. The Apex Hosting website offers tutorials and 24-hour live chats with their customer service team. Your server can be moved among Apex Hosting’s 15 (soon to be 16) global locations for the lowest possible latency.

There are 13 hosting plans from 1GB to 16GB that come with unlimited player slots and unlimited storage. You can upgrade (or downgrade) when you need to. There are plans for hosts of all levels. Your data is secure, too, because Apex Hosting backs up servers on an automated schedule and has advanced DDoS protection.

Main features:

  • Java and Bedrock servers
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 chat and ticket support
  • All mod and plugin support
  • Over 200 1-click-Mod pack installers
  • Premium hardware and low latency
  • Full FTP and MySQL database access
  • Premade minigames
  • 9% uptime
  • Instant set-up
  • Free subdomain
  • Automated backups

4. BisectHosting

bisecthosting logo

Price: $7.99/month (Java); $2.99/month (Bedrock)
RAM: 1,024MB
Full Root Access: Yes

You can host either Java (the original version) or Bedrock (the mobile version) with instant set-up on BisectHosting. As soon as they receive payment, your server will be ready. BisectHosting uses Multicraft’s control panel, which they’ve modified to suit their customer’s needs. Switching between mod packs and plugins has been simplified via the Multicraft control panel.

BisectHosting’s customer service team will be with you from the beginning. The customer service team can teach you everything you need to know about hosting, plugs, mods, and more. They are available 24/7 by chat or ticket. BisectHosting monitors its servers continuously to make sure that every server is capable of supporting your Minecraft world. There are 15 server locations around the world, with eight dedicated to Premium plans.

Budget and premium plans are available, and you can upgrade or downgrade between them without losing your files or settings. From non-modded packages to all the bells and whistles, there’s a plan for every type of player.

Budget plans go from 1GB for 12 players to 32GB for over 160 players. Premium plans, all of which offer unlimited slots, go from 1GB for 20 players (unlimited slots) to 32GB for over 160 players.

Premium plans include mod pack installation, but on a Budget plan, you can also pay a small fee to have BisectHosting do the installation if you’re not confident about installing it yourself. Server backups are a feature of both Premium and Budget plans. The Premium plan includes free backup recovery, but Budget plans charge a small fee for backup recovery.

Main features:

  • Instant set-up
  • Full FTP access
  • Free MySQL
  • Unlimited SSD space
  • Free DDOS protection
  • 24/7 support
  • Custom JAR support
  • Multicraft control panel
  • Free sub-domain

5. MCProHosting

mcprohosting logo

Price: $7.99/month (Java); $1.49/month (Bedrock)
Full Root Access: Yes

MCProHosting can host either Java (the original version) or Bedrock (the mobile version) with set up in less than five minutes. This host uses a customized Multicraft control panel that allows you to control their server from a browser, including managing the console, installing different server types, and uploading or modifying files. MCProHosting is beta-testing OneControlCenter now.

The customer service team is available by live chat (9 a.m. to 1 a.m. ET) or by submitting a ticket. In addition to the dedicated customer service team, you can find answers to just about anything server-related on the MCProHosting website.

They’ll help you with everything from set up to mod pack and plugin installation to upgrading, downgrading, and relocating your server. MCProHosting backs up its servers daily, storing the backups at no extra charge. Recovery access is free, too.

MCProHosting has nearly 20 server locations worldwide, with low latency and almost no downtime. Java hosts have a range of plan options available, from Steve (1GB RAM for up to 20 players) to Herobrine (unlimited). Bedrock plans range from Phantom (256MB RAM for up to 10 players) to Llama (3GB RAM for unlimited players). The MCProHosting team will also help you customize your server with mod pack and plugin set-up plans (Server Management Packs) that are available as an add-on to any plan.

If you’re not satisfied with MCProHosting, they’ll give you a full refund within seven days of purchase, unless you ordered a dedicated server, which has a 30% restocking fee. Discounted service fees are not refundable.

Main features:

  • 24/7 support
  • Curated service
  • Plugin/Mod support
  • Enterprise hardware
  • Worldwide locations
  • Full file access
  • Instant set-up
  • Free web/FTP file access
  • DDoS protection
  • Free MySQL
  • Custom control panel
  • Instant cancellation
  • Unlimited RAM
  • Unlimited storage
  • 99.99% uptime SLA

6. MelonCube Hosting

Meloncube hosting

Price: $3/month
RAM: 1,024MB
Full Root Access: Yes

MelonCube Hosting has instant set-up and no downtime. As soon as they receive your payment, your server (or cube, in MelonCube Hosting lingo) will be ready and available. MelonCube Hosting uses the Multicraft 2.0 control panel for maximum security, which includes easy upgrading and downgrading.

Their customer service team is available by live chat, online, and by submitting a ticket. The website has how-to and troubleshooting guides, technical support, and even pre-sales support. MelonCube Hosting backs up its servers on an automated schedule, but you can schedule your own backups from the Multicraft 2.0 control panel, too. You can buy daily backups as an add-on.

MelonCube Hosting has server locations in the U.S., Canada, and France. Server plans range from Zombie (1GB RAM with unlimited slots and storage) to MC-48 (48GB RAM for unlimited slots and storage). All plans include the same features and services, including a lag-free experience, one-click plugin installation, restart after crashing, and more.

If you’re not satisfied with MelonCube Hosting Minecraft server hosting, they’ll give you a full refund within three days of purchase. If you request a refund after the initial three days, MelonCube has the right to refuse the refund. Dedicated Servers, VPS, add-ons, and domains are not eligible for refunds.

Main features:

  • 480Gbps DDoS protection
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Instant set-up
  • Multicraft 2.0
  • 1Gbps connection
  • Full FTP access
  • Enterprise hardware
  • Scheduled tasks
  • 24/7, 365 hosting
  • Restart on crash
  • S. and EU support
  • S. and EU locations
  • Free MySQL database
  • 1-Click plugin installer
  • Fully scalable
  • Bukkit, Spigot, and Mod packs
  • Custom Jar function
  • Daily remote backups
  • Java 8 support
  • Multi-user support

7. ServerMiner

serverminer logo

Price: $7.58/month
RAM: 1,536MB
Full Root Access: Yes

ServerMiner offers instant set-up, so you can start hosting as soon as you’ve paid for your plan. They use the SMPicnic control panel, which features a one-click plugin installer, a one-click version installer, a world map, player graphing, and more.

Hosting your Minecraft server with ServerMiner, allows you to upload and create as many worlds as you’d like. There are over 50,000 one-click mods and plugins available, and you can upload other mods and plugins, as well. You can switch between mods any time without having to delete your worlds, so you can have a different mod pack for each world you play.

The customer service team has a selection of tutorials on the ServerMiner website, and if you don’t find your answer there, you can submit a ticket. Recovering a lost world within seven days happens with the click of a button. You can also upgrade your server with a click of a button, but downgrading requires a ServerMiner customer service specialist, as does relocating your server and canceling your service.

ServerMiner has servers in eight locations around the world. They offer packages from Stone (1.5GB RAM for up to 15 players) to Bedrock (10GB RAM for up to 100 players). There are add-on packages, such as plugin and mod pack help, available for a fee. Storage is on a per-server basis (not included as a package feature) and is limited to 50GB.

Main features:

  • Instant set-up
  • DDoS protection
  • Free MySQL
  • One-click version installer
  • One-click plugin installer
  • Unlimited world size
  • Player tracker
  • SMPicnic controller
  • 50GB storage

8. BeastNode

beastnode logo

Price: $2.99/month
Full Root Access: Yes

BeastNode offers Budget and Premium hosting services with instant set-up for both. As soon as your payment is received, your server will be ready. BeastNode uses Multicraft’s control panel and has a nearly 100% uptime with low latency. Premium users have guaranteed disk space, thanks to BeastNode’s allocation-based system.

Their customer service team is available 24/7 by chat or ticket. The BeastNode website has forums for users to explore, easy tutorials, and articles covering just about everything. Their guidelines for choosing a server will help you get the plan you need the first time around, but you can upgrade or downgrade your server, as needed, with the click of a button. BeastNode’s knowledge base is a great start for new players and hosts.

There are budget and premium plans, and you can upgrade or downgrade between them without losing files or settings. Budget plans range from Dirt (1GB for up to 15 players) to Budget 12GB (12GB for over 100 players). Premium plans range from Spider (1GB for up to 20 players and unlimited slots) to Premium 12GB (12GB for up to 160 players and unlimited slots). They have three server locations around the world.

BeastNode doesn’t have automated or guaranteed backups. You have to manage your own backups, including downloading the file to a computer for a secondary backup. Each server can hold three backups, so downloading older backups is essential. After the first three backups, subsequent backups will overwrite the existing files.

If you’re not satisfied with BeastNode Minecraft server hosting, and it has been five days or less since your purchase, they’ll give you a full refund. Domain names are not refundable.

Main features:

  • Full SSD hard drives for lag-free gaming
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Mod Support (Tekkit, Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, and more)
  • Plugin Support (CraftBukkit, Spigot, etc.)
  • Enterprise-rade hardware
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • 1Gbit network port for low pings
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Hardware DDoS protection
  • Free subdomain
  • Free MySQL database
  • Multicraft game panel
  • Full FTP access included
  • Standard 5GB SSD Disk Space
  • 4GB+ plans recommended for mod packs

9. Shockbyte

shockbyte logo

Price: $2.50/month
Full Root Access: Yes

Shockbyte offers either Java or Bedrock hosting services with instant set-up for both. As soon as they receive payment, your server will be ready to go. Shockbyte uses Multicraft’s control panel and has 100% uptime with low latency.

The customer service team is available 24/7 by chat. The Shockbyte website also has tutorials, and you can submit questions through tickets via the KnowledgeBase. There’s even a tag cloud that helps you find the exact word for what you need. If you need help right away, Shockbyte offers a “Fast-Track” add-on that lets you escalate your ticket for a $3 fee.

Shockbyte has a variety of plans to fit every host’s needs. Plans range from Dirt (1GB RAM for up to 20 slots) to Titan (12GB RAM for unlimited slots). They also offer custom plans. All of Shockbyte’s plans can be upgraded or downgraded, as needed, by clicking a few buttons. There are four server locations around the world, and each has unlimited storage space for your Minecraft server.

You are expected to perform your own server backups, including downloading the file to a computer for a secondary backup. Shockbyte has tutorials for automating backups and manually performing them, as well as for restoring them. Each server can hold up to five backups of no more than 25GB combined, so downloading older backups is essential.

If you’re not satisfied with Shockbyte, they’ll give you a full refund, but you have to let them know within 24 hours of your purchase.

Main features:

  • BungeeCord support
  • MCPC and MCPE compatible
  • Java version switcher
  • 100% uptime
  • Full FTP access
  • All Mod packs
  • Custom JAR support
  • NA and EU locations
  • 1Gbps port
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Snapshot support
  • Automatic backups

How to Find the Best Minecraft Hosting

minecraft world

The first step to finding the right Minecraft server hosting site for your Minecraft worlds is to figure out what you want from the server host. Certain features are pretty standard across the best web hosting providers, like DDoS protection, free MySQL, low latency, high uptime rates (near 100%), and more.

The following features are key elements of a successful host server. Certain features vary, depending on your needs like whether you’re aiming to host the Java or Bedrock edition, so it helps to have a broad idea of what you hope your Minecraft server can do before you rent one.


RAM (Random Access Memory is what your server needs to run the software that powers your game. The more RAM your server has, the more you can do with your server. You can host more people, add more mods and plugins, or build a bigger world. If you don’t have enough RAM on your server, you’ll experience more lag (when the game runs slowly). Most plans allow you to upgrade and downgrade, but make sure that’s an option before you commit to a plan.

Mod Packs and Plugin Support

Mod packs and plugins are programs that enhance your Minecraft world. There are fundamental differences between the two, and they aren’t usually compatible. You want to find a server that can handle both. They won’t be able to run simultaneously, but the server should be able to switch between the two with ease.

Mods run on Forge and change the game by modifying the software to add new characters or other in-game items. They can be installed on either your computer or on your server, depending on the mod. Mod packs are groups of mods you can install as a bundle. If your server has mods, the players on your server have to have those mods, too, or the server will disconnect them.

Plugins run on CraftBukkit, Spigot, and Paper and can only be installed on your server. Plugins change or enhance the server content, and any of the players on your server can use them. Plugins are much easier to manage when you run a server. Mods aren’t impossible; they’re just trickier.

Server Locations

The more server locations a hosting site has, the better. There’s less chance of lag time (low latency), and you have more options if you think your server is running slowly and want to switch. In general, the server location that is closest to you geographically will be the best one for you.

A good server hosting site will offer location speed testing on its website, so you can see for yourself how well the server performs. Some server hosting sites offer to show you the best server location for your geographic location.

Make sure you choose a server hosting site that allows you to change your server location without losing files or data or too much time. Some are automatic (you click a button, and the transfer happens), but some require you to submit a ticket. Some server hosting sites charge for select locations, so make sure you’re aware of any new fees.


Uptime refers to the online status of the server. Server hosting sites usually have an SLA (service level agreement) that guarantees a minimum level of uptime. Downtime is when the server is offline or unreachable.

Scheduled maintenance is usually excluded from downtime, and a reputable server hosting site will inform you of impending maintenance. Emergency maintenance is also excluded from downtime and refers to situations where the server hosting site has to shut down the service immediately to repair hardware or stop a security breach attempt.

A reputable server hosting site will post their SLA on their website. They’ll also offer a credit if the downtime is a result of something that isn’t covered in the SLA. Before choosing any Minecraft server hosting site, check the SLA to make sure it matches their uptime claims and to be aware of how they handle downtime.

DDoS protection

For server hosting site purposes, distributed denial of service (DDoS) is the deliberate overuse of a server’s resources. The overuse is designed to exclude the site’s actual users from those resources. Cybercriminals will flood a site, causing congestion and blocking legitimate users from accessing their servers.

You should choose a site that has robust DDoS protections in place. Search the internet for any articles that indicate your chosen site has ever been the victim of an attack. Knowing about prior attacks is important because a successful attack can lead to future attacks. DDoS protection should also be upgradeable.

Automated Backups

Automated backups are scheduled to run without you having to do anything. The server hosting site shouldn’t need to do anything to trigger an automated backup. You should also be able to run a backup whenever you want manually.

Make sure you check the small print on server hosting sites. Some of them have a maximum number of backups that can be stored, so even an automated backup will require you to download each backup manually, or you’ll risk overwriting them with subsequent backups.

Restoring from a backup should be easy, as well, and, ideally, you can do this without having to contact the server hosting site. Some sites include backup restoration as part of the hosting fee, and others charge for it.

Ultra-Low Latency or Ping

Latency (also called ping) is the time it takes for information (packets) you send from your computer to reach the server. The packets have to leave your computer, reach the server, be verified by the server, and return to you and the other players. (Ultra) Low latency means that those packets are completing the circuit almost instantly.

Server location can be a factor in latency. If you’re too far from the server, there could be a lag in the connection time. Before choosing a server location, run the tests (if offered by the server hosting site) to find out which one works fastest for you.

Number of Allowed Slots or Players

When you research server hosting sites, pay attention to the number of slots or players you can have. The number of slots indicates how many players can be on simultaneously. The number of players is the number of people who will play with you simultaneously. A server hosting site can offer unlimited slots, but if you haven’t purchased a plan with enough RAM, you won’t be able to fill them.

Before you choose the number of slots, you should have a good idea of how many players you’ll have, and how many will play simultaneously. For instance, if you have ten players, but only five slots, no more than five can play together. If you have ten players and ten or more slots, all ten can play at once.

Plans are upgradeable and downgradeable, so don’t worry if you’ve purchased a plan with too little or too much RAM.

2 Main Benefits of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

Your World, Your Rules

When you run a Minecraft server, it’s your world. You create the world and make it what you want. You design it, establish the rules, decide who plays, and who doesn’t. Your friends and other players get to come in and explore your world, but they must follow your rules within the spaces you’ve set up. You get to choose mods and plugins, and the people playing on your server will have to adapt or play somewhere else.

Create a Community

When you run a Minecraft server, you get to decide who joins you. If you’ve built a world that people enjoy and want to share, they’ll invite their friends, and those friends will invite their friends, and so on. You might even end up running a popular public server. Being the host means you get to decide who stays and who goes.

Minecraft communities can be small and private, such as you and the friends and family you want to invite. A key advantage to running your own server is that you get to decide how big you want your community to be. From friends inviting other friends to strangers learning about your world and asking to be let in, you could end up with the next big Minecraft server. It’s all in your hands.


What is the best free Minecraft server host?

If you’re new to hosting or planning to host only a few friends for Minecraft, a free Minecraft server might be a better option for you. Free Minecraft server hosts offer minimal resources. Your RAM will be low, plugins and mods will be restricted or not allowed, and customer service will much slower because there won’t be as many people available to handle issues.

Aternos is probably the best free Minecraft server host. It exists solely to provide free server hosting to Minecraft players. There are slots for eight to 20 players, it’s fully customizable, and, most importantly, it has DDoS protection. Other features include automatic backups, mod pack and plugin compatibility, and customer service support that responds within 24 hours.

How much RAM is good for a Minecraft server?

To calculate how much RAM you need, you need to know how many people you expect to be on your server and how many mods and plugins you’ll be using — estimate about 50MB per person and mod and plugin. If you’re going to have ten friends playing and have ten mods and plugins, you’ll need at least 1GB of RAM.

How much does it cost to host a modded Minecraft server?

Hosting a modded Minecraft server requires enough RAM to run the mods. When you’re looking into server hosting sites, if they don’t have separate pricing options for modded servers, you’ll have to know precisely how many mods you have so that you can calculate the amount of RAM.

BisectHosting’s website has added banners to let you know which of their server plans are best for non-modded Minecraft servers.

How can I create a Minecraft server?

If you want to create a Minecraft server, rather than rent one, you’ll need some technical knowledge and the right equipment.

Your computer will need, at a minimum:

  • DDoS protection (you don’t want to expose your players to hackers and cybercriminals)
  • 8Ghz CPU (you want a dual-core processor to run Minecraft well – the higher the CPU, the better)
  • 6GB RAM (to run both the server and the game)
  • 10MB/s upload connection (nobody will play on your server if the lag times are high)

Note: Minecraft can run on a single core, but if you’re hosting a server, you’ll want a dual-core processor.

Choose your Minecraft version and download it to the server computer. Consider using a dedicated computer for the server. Vanilla is the easiest version for beginners but doesn’t allow extensions. Bukkit and Spigot are also suitable for new host servers, with some technical knowledge, and both allow plugins.

Log in and add your server (using your computer’s IP address) to the multiplayer screen. At this point, you’ll need to configure your server so that you can add players.