Browserprint – Web Browser Fingerprinting Test has been acquired by MangoMatter

This was a neat little tool that unfortunately went down, so it’s no longer functional… BUT we’re rebuilding it soon! It was designed to test how unique your web browser’s fingerprint is, and hence how identifiable your browser is… which is something very few people ever think about!

Does your web browser have a unique fingerprint? If so your web browser could be tracked across websites without techniques such as tracking cookies. Additionally, the anonymisation aspects of services such as Tor or VPNs could be negated if websites you visit track you using your browser fingerprint.

Browserprint was a free open source project designed to provide the same and better functionality as the original Panopticlick.

It was developed by a student of and (for a while) generously hosted by the University of Adelaide and partially funded by ACEMS.

fingerprint button

Their last blog post was about how Browserprint guesses your browser family and operating system, and how accurate this is.

As mentioned before, we’re trying to rebuild it and will update this page when it goes live again!