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As a web agency, we use/test a LOT of hosting providers to scale both our clients and our many many side-projects (we like to experiment).

Having done this for quite a few years now, we've used, analysed, and reviewed a lot of web hosts... these are our findings.

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Zuver: A quick summary for people with no time (pretty much all of us)

You’ve probably noticed a few bad reviews and online complaints about Zuver… it’s not without reason, unfortunately. They’re a budget host after all, so while you can indeed get hosting for very very cheap… the quality of their services isn’t exactly great, not that you can expect it with prices this low of course. In a nutshell, if you’re really on a budget, sure, sign up… but, if you can afford to pay a little bit more, you can really find decent hosting that’s still affordable.

For example, if we compare them with our current favourite web host SiteGround, you’ll quickly notice a lot of differences, with the main ones being the actual quality of the services (when we tested them, we had some issues running basic WordPress tasks, or we were using a bit too many plugins and expected too much from the service), a lack of global data centers (they only have one in Sydney, SiteGround has a few around the world, giving you a global reach), and a lack of WordPress focused hosting plans (over 25% of the entire internet runs on WordPress, and your site probably will too, so it’s quite important)… to name a few!

So in short, our recommendation goes to SiteGround rather than Zuver, as SiteGround actual great performance, free SSL, free CDN, free migrations, they have multiple data centres around the world (global reach), GREAT support, and they’re officially recommended by WordPress (very few hosts can claim this, it’s pretty impressive), they’re a true no-brainer check out our SiteGround review here!

Still interested in Zuver, keep reading below.

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Zuver Web Hosting Review

Zuver is a Melbourne-based web hosting company that formed in 2012. The company is owned by a larger Australia-based information technology company called VentraIP Australia, which also offers web hosting services. At a glance, Zuver appears to be a more simplified, millennial-friendly version of its parent company – offering a colourful but modest website design. While offering some of the same services as VentraIP, Zuver has cheaper pricing… which realllllly shows itself in the actual quality of their product, which is not great.


Zuver has 2 plans, both very cheap… it’s kind of their thing if you haven’t noticed.


  • All-Inclusive Package: Zuver offers a whole host of tools for its customers’ domain for free. This feature seems to fall in line with the simplified brand Zuver is trying to create. Included in their web hosting packages are free email and URL forwarding, identity protection services, and DNS hosting.
  • $3 Web Hosting Service: If you are operating a smaller website and looking for a real bargain, Zuver’s 3-dollar web hosting package is very cheap.
  • Free Website Migration Services: They provide a full migration for cPanel accounts to their servers.


  • Requires a Two-Year Commitment: While overall, Zuver’s services and web hosting packages are definitely cheaper than many other leading Australian hosting companies, they require the total payment up front. Do not be fooled by cheap monthly payments – you will still be required to pay two years of service up front. This also means that you are locked into using their service for that period of time, even if you discover they were not the web hosting company you wanted all along, which is quite likely.
  • Account Services: Zuver offers its clients a service called MYZUVER. This feature allows clients to view all aspects of their account information, profile, billing, and even gives status updates on server issues, maintenance, and so on. However, Zuver’s version is not as robust as many others. Yet again, it follows Zuver’s simple design structure.
  • Server resources: This for us was what really turned us off, we tested a few simple WordPress sites, and the server seemed to struggle with the most basic actions, and the speed was pretty bad.


Yes, it’s cheap, but it comes with a few downsides. You’ll be dealing with less than ideal uptime, bigger loading times, not so great support (just look at all the forum threads online about their support), etc.

As we’ve mentioned before, if you have the budget, we strongly recommend looking elsewhere and choose a decent host like SiteGround.

A better quality host will get you the following benefits:

  • Faster loading times: This means fewer people turning away because your site is too slow (a recent study shows as much as 1/10th of your visitors will abandon your site for every second it’s still loading)
  • Better Google rankings: Also related to faster loading times, Google likes sites that load quickly.
  • More features: Like a 30-day money back guarantee, daily backups, etc.
  • Better support
  • And much more
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