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Company Background

WPEngine is based in Austin, Texas. They operate worldwide, and their hosting solutions are focused around WordPress. This means that you can host only websites that are based on WordPress. Is this good or bad? If you think of it as a group of experts investing all their efforts into providing seamless service based on one platform – I’d say it’s pretty good.

As mentioned before, WPEngine isn’t Australian-based company with data centers in the country. But this really shouldn’t be a big concern – as they allow you to host your website on a server that’s closer to your location. WPEngine has their own data center in Tokyo – which can be used by Australian businesses. Plus, they have an easy-to-setup Content Delivery Network (CDN), and a highly effective caching technology. All of these technologies make sure that you get a super-fast website, even though you’re using hosting services outside Australia.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Unlike many hosting companies out there, WPEngine does things a little differently. One thing that’s guaranteed before you even decide on a hosting plan, is that you’re going to get super-fast performance and a great customer support (24/7 ticket support, live chat, you name it). This company cares about its clients and their happiness.

That being said, WPEngine takes the visits per month, installs and environment as the primary features that vary from plan to plan. They offer 5 types of manager WordPress hosting:

  • Personal – 10 GB storage, 1 install and 25,000 visits per month on a shared server (starts at $29/month).
  • Professional – 20 GB storage, 10 installs and 100,000 visits per month on a shared server ($99/month)
  • Business – 30 GB storage, 25 installs and 400,000 visits per month on a shared server ($249/month)
  • Premium – 100-300 GB storage, 150 installs and 1 million+ visits per month on a dedicated server
  • Enterprise – 400 GB – 1 TB storage, 150 installs and 5 million+ visits per month on a dedicated server

For the last two plans, you’d have to contact WPEngine to get a free quote. As you can see, this pricing can get very expensive if you want to have more than one website.

Which plan to pick?

90% of the people would go for the first option, which is the best solution if you compare the price vs performance. But if you want to host more than one website, or even dozen of websites you’ll need to get the Professional or Business plan. These plans are significantly more expensive, but you’ll get some awesome extra services like phone support, WordPress multisite, GeoIP, etc.

One last thing that I will mention, is the shared server environment. You could say to yourself, hey why would I pay $30 for shared hosting when I can get it for 5 bucks or possibly less? WPEngine’s shared server environments are different than shared hosting. This means less websites are stored on a single server, and the physical machine itself is more powerful. In traditional shared hosting, you may have 100 websites or more – sharing resources from a single physical server. This affects performance and makes your website venerable to different security threats. Needless to say, this is not the case with WPEngine’s hosting.

Why Choose WPEngine?

WPEngine is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting providers in the world. Here are some of the best features:

  • Super fast and reliable WordPress hosting
  • Staging Sites – which is a test environment where you can test your website, track/fix bugs and make modifications without interrupting your production website. You can think of it as a safe testing environment.
  • Daily backup and security system that scans and protects your website against malware and attackers. Plus, if something goes wrong, you can easily restore to previous snapshots with only 1 mouse click.
  • Evercache – a caching technology for maximized speed and scalability that’s designed by WPEngine.
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