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Having done this for quite a few years now, we've used, analysed, and reviewed a lot of web hosts... these are our findings.

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VentraIP: A quick summary for people with no time (pretty much all of us)

While VentraIP is a decent host by Australian standards, if we compare them with the top global web hosting providers they do fall short in a few areas, like overseas data centres for a global reach.

Things we liked:

  • Performance: We never really had any issues here, generally good performance.
  • 100% Australian: This includes the Sydney based data centre and the support (though there are mixed reviews about support).

Things we didn’t like:

  • No additional overseas data centres: If you’re a global company, or are planning a blog that will receive traffic from all around the world, having your site on a server on a pretty isolated island (looking at cross-continent internet connections) is definitely not ideal (which is why we prefer Singapore as the main hub for our sites).
  • Disk Space: In a time where a lot of web hosts offer anywhere from 10 GB to unlimited (which we admit, is overkill) on basic plans, 5 GB is a bit of a let-down.
  • WordPress: While they say their plans are WP optimised, it’s not “WordPress Hosting”, true WordPress optimisation goes a lot deeper. And again, the chance that your site will be a WordPress site is quite high, so you want to be sure you’re with a web host that knows how to run it properly.

So in short, we would recommend having a look at some alternatives that give you better value for the cost. Check out our detailed best web hosting comparison for Australia!

Still interested in VentraIP, keep reading below.

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VentraIP Review

There are a number of “Australian owned, Australian run” web companies out there. VentraIP is one of them, they’ve been around for quite some time and are now a household name in the web hosting industry, offering everything from domain names, ssl certificates, and your general shared web hosting plans, to the more expensive vps packages and reseller hosting for agencies.


VentraIP was founded in Australia by Australians back in 2010. Since their founding, they have spent the last decade making a name for themselves in Australian market, even outside of domain name registrars. They also have a budget brand called Zuver.

VentraIP has a number of accomplishments under their belts, including climbing to #4 in the consolidated .au market share, beaten out only by global corporations and large public entities. In 2015 and 2016, they also made the BRW Fast 100, the SmartCompany Smart 50, and the CRN Fast 50 lists – and they were the only domain registrar to do so.

Since their initial inception in 2010, VentraIP has swiftly made a name for themselves in the Australian hosting market and beyond. Currently, they are the largest privately owned domain registrar and web host in Australia, and over the years they have acquired and merged with other registrars and companies, like IntaServe Domains, JGK Solutions, 9Web, and more. They have more than 150,000 clients now, and the number grows every year.


VentraIP’s basic shared hosting comes in 3 plans. Ranging from $6.95 to $26.95, increasing in features as you go up in price.

VentraIP Pros

  • VentraIP has made numerous lists and won awards for their speed and uptimes, which is impressive (though we didn’t find any links to their awards, so hoping they’re being honest here).
  • They are still, even today, Australian owned and operated, with their major offices located in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • They offer an array of services that small businesses and individuals alike can take advantage of, including domain name registry, web hosting, email services, SSL certificates, and their new VPS service.

VentraIP Cons

  • While some customers – and VentraIP themselves – claim that the company has excellent customer service, there have been instances of a lack of communication and an inability to talk to a customer service representative within VentraIP, so if you are someone who has a lot of questions, that is something to consider.
  • For the inclusions in the new VPS packages, some may consider those prices to be a little steep – they are around $49.95 and $79.95 per month, and it could be argued that what you receive with those packages is not worth those prices.
  • In the past, some have reported an issue with the SSL certificates, wherein VentraIP would say or indicate that it was in use, but it was not or users could not access the website because the SSL certificate was expired, even though it was not. This is not every case, but it has certainly happened more than once.
  • While their platform is not overly complicated, there are certainly easier to use control panels out there in terms of domain registry and web hosting, but if you are willing to take the time to learn, it is not too difficult.


VentraIP offers domain registry services, as well as the ability to transfer and renew domains. It also has various web hosting capabilities and plans, from their new VPS hosting (which can be fully managed or self-managed), to shared hosting and reseller hosting, with their cPanel plans (Starter, Freedom, and Premier).

They also offer email hosting and SSL certificates separate from their packages, though some levels of their packages include one or both of these in the deal.

They have various ways to contact customer support, including a ticketing system to keep things fair, wherein you can “bump” your ticket to a more urgent status if it is an emergency


Can you transfer or migrate an existing website from a different host over to VentraIP?

Yes, they offer transfer services for existing websites. Once you have selected your desired service and signed up, all you have to do is access your VIPControl panel on the VentraIP website, and submit a migration request. You will need some information from your old host, but the process is relatively easy.

Do they have a 24/7 customer service line?

For the Economy and Business-level plans. VentraIP offers 24/7 customer service phone lines. The numbers vary depending on the exact location within Australia, but bear in mind that these phone lines are specifically more for general queries rather than full-on technical support. For assistance with troubleshooting or any website issues, you should submit an eTicket using their ticketing system, and they try to get back to you within a few hours to help resolve your issues.


They’re definitely experienced and have a decent enough rep, though if you’re not tied to your host being Australian owned, we would strongly recommend having a look at our top web hosts list before making an informed decision.

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