When we started our web agency, finding a GREAT web host was one of our top priorities! Throughout the years we’ve used and analysed countless web hosting providers, and to this day we still use over 35 hosts for our various side-projects (we like to experiment :)).

This is our review of Panthur.


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Panthur: A quick summary for people with no time (which is pretty much all of us)

While Panthur is a good host by Australian standards, if we compare them with our current favourite web host SiteGround, you’ll quickly notice a few differences, with the main ones being price (SiteGround is better value, definitely with their 67% discount), a lack of global data centers (they only have 1 primary one in Sydney, SiteGround has quite a few around the world, giving you a global reach), and a lack of WordPress focused hosting plans (over 25% of the entire internet runs on WordPress, and your site probably will too, so it’s quite important).

So in short, our recommendation still goes to SiteGround rather than Panthur, check out our SiteGround review here!

Still interested in Panthur, keep reading below.

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Company Background

Panthur actually started as a non-commercial organisation that offered secure and fast web hosting services. As their reputation grew in the industry, and they gained more recognition, Panthur started creating hosting solutions commercially.

Since 2009, a LOT of Australian businesses hopped on & are using Panthur’s reliable Australian web hosting services (and with good reason).

Hosting Services

At its core, Panthur offers the following plans:

  • Economy Web Hosting (budget option)
  • Business Web Hosting (the recommended plans)
  • Stealth Web Hosting (for epic performance!)
  • Reseller Hosting (if you’re a web dev/designer and want to provide hosting for your clients)

Inside each plan, they have additional plans that allow you to pick the most appropriate hosting for your needs and budget. They all come with automatic back-ups and a free diy restore service in case anything goes wrong, the back-ups go as far back as 90 days!

When it comes to pricing policies, Panthur is pretty flexible. For all the hosting services, you’ll be able to pay monthly, every 6 months, every year, every 2 years or every 3 years. If you decide to go the distance with Panthur, and subscribe for a longer period of time, they offer discounts up to 20%.

Economy Web Hosting

This is the most basic offer, suitable for small and medium-sized websites that can handle a decent amount of traffic. It’s relatively cheap, personally I wouldn’t host any forums or e-commerce sites on this plan, but it’s perfect for small business sites. You get to pick from 3 sub-plans: Mini, Advanced and Professional.

Their Mini plan offers 1,000 MB storage and 100,000 MB bandwidth, while the Professional plan gets you 5,000 MB storage and 500,000 MB bandwidth. Panthur’s Advanced plan is something in-between. The pricing for Economy Web Hosting starts at $5 per month.

Business Web Hosting (Our Recommendation!)

Business web hosting is their second solution – still affordable – that comes with larger resources compared to the economy hosting. This is the one I usually recommend for any business, it can handle a LOT of traffic!

Business Web Hosting also has 3 options: Bronze (starting at $20 per month), Silver ($30/month) and Gold ($60/month). Interesting thing about these plans, is that they only differ in storage space, while everything else including bandwidth is unlimited. This narrows your choice down to a single factor, clever how did they structured that, makes the process easy even for the less tech-savvy among us.

Stealth Web Hosting

Stealth Web Hosting is a form of dedicated hosting intended for resource intensive websites and platforms that receive a lot of traffic (I’m talking about massive e-commerce sites, forums, community sites, etc). In storage space, this solution isn’t much different from Business solutions. But it stands out in performance.  Here are the 3 plans:

  • Puma, 10,000 MB pure SSD storage, 4 GB RAM and 4 CPU cores. ($50/month)
  • Leopard, 30,000 MB SSD HDD, 6 GB RAM and 6 CPU cores ($100/month)
  • Panthur, 50,000 MB SSD HDD, 8 GB RAM and 8 CPU Cores ($150/month)

These are some mind-blowing specs for a server right? This shows how serious Panthur is with their hosting solutions. They also have something called “priority ticket-based support”, which applies to only to Stealth Web Hosting. It means that if you have a question or an issue, you’ll be able to connect with an expert within minutes. To ensure fast and reliable service on this hosting plan, Panthur puts a maximum of 50 accounts on the same server.

Reseller Hosting (For Web Agencies)

This plan allows you to manage a set of accounts from a single cPanel. If you’re new to this, reseller hosting is ideal if you’re a web designer/developer and you need a place to host your clients websites. This hosting service starts at $30 per month. It is very similar to Economy Web Hosting. The only significant difference, is that you’ll be able to manage things and create new accounts within your cPanel.

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