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Company Background

Founded in 2000, Digital Pacific is an experienced, carbon-neutral Australian hosting provider with a great focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. This Sydney-based company provides nothing but reliable hosting solutions – tailored to meet and exceed today’s customer needs. Here are some of the key company values:

  • Intuitive and quality-rich hosting services at reasonable pricing
  • Forming long-lasting relationships with clients
  • Understanding customer needs
  • 24/7 customer support all year long

They offer a wide range of hosting services from shared and VPS hosting all the way to dedicated servers. These services are made possible by Digital Pacific’s skilled and experienced team of professionals. So whether you’re a small or medium-sized business looking for the best Australian web host, this company has a lot to offer!

Hosting Services

Few things that make Digital Pacific stand out from the crowd:

  • With more than 15 years of experience, Digital Pacific is one of the first companies that started offering web hosting solutions in Australia.
  • They have great backup system that saves your website, database and email files 3 times per day!
  • Digital Pacific is using high-level Dell hardware with mirrored drives to ensure server stability, power and durability.

Shared Web Hosting for Businesses

This is their most basic hosting plan for Businesses. It is a shared hosting, which means that your website will be placed on a server with a number of other websites. Since you will have lots of neighbors, you’re going to share the server resources together. Now don’t let this scare you off, we’re talking about super-powerful servers that can handle more than one website. If you want to open a blog for your company, or have a corporate website, Digital Pacific’s Business Hosting plan will cover your needs. And if by any chance, you find this solution not good enough, you can easily upgrade to a better hosting plan.

Here’s what you get:

  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Ability to change plans without having to worry about contracts or penalties.
  • Your website will be hosted on Australian servers – all maintained and operated by Digital Pacific.

This hosting starts at $9.69 per month. This is their “Business Basic” plan that features 25 GB of storage space, 100 GB monthly traffic, and an unlimited number of emails. Besides this basic plan, you can get Business Standard, Advanced of Pro. They are more expensive, but totally worth the extra money – in case you’re looking for increased storage and bandwidth.

VPS Hosting

If you’re after increased performance and total control over your server, you’ll be interested in Digital Pacific’s VPS hosting plan. It gives you a fully-functional virtual server, with installed operating system that you can manage independently. There are two options for VPS hosting:

  • Self-managed VPS, which means that you’ll get a virtual server and that’s it. If you want to install stuff, resolve issues or just do regular maintenance, you’re going to have to hire a system administrator or do all those things by yourself. This plan costs around $45 per month.
  • Managed VPS allows you to focus on the business, while experts at Digital Pacific handle the technical side of things. This plan starts from $74 per month.

With both of these plans, you’ll get:

  • VPS cPanel
  • Free setup
  • Free backup space

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is for the big players on the market. Instead of having a virtual server that shares resources with other virtual machines on one physical server – which is the case with VPS hosting, you’ll get a powerful physical server all by yourself. This is as good as it gets in the hosting world. This plan is ideal for running resource-intensive web app or large e-commerce websites. As part of this plan, you are eligible to:

  • Rapid setup
  • Latest enterprise-level hardware by Dell
  • Dedicated management and support for updates and security
  • Rapid support

Digital Pacific’s dedicated hosting plans start at $99.

Reseller Hosting (for web agencies)

Reseller hosting is ideal if you want to have a single account from where you will manage your client’s websites. Basically, Digital Pacific provides the hardware and charges you for it, and you provide technical support and billing plans to your clients. You can choose a reseller program form all the hosting plans that we’ve discussed in the upper paragraphs.

Why Choose Digital Pacific

Digital Pacific is definitely one of the best Australian web hosting companies. They provide flexible, reliable and affordable hosting plans – perfectly suitable for all types of businesses.

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