So you’ve decided shared web hosting for Australia doesn’t have the resources your project needs, even a VPS won’t do… You want real power, a dedicated server just for you, so you can do/create/run anything you want!

You’ve come to the right place, we’ve researched and analysed the best dedicated server providers for Australia, so you KNOW you’ll get the best of the best. Each hosting company in our top 3 has their strengths, from raw power to an absurd amount of options, you’ll definitely find what you need!

Dedicated Server Hosting: Our Top 3 July 2019



#1 SiteGround

Want power combined with customised software to boost performance even further? Don’t want to be overwhelmed with tons and tons of options? SiteGround has the servers you need, it’s that simple!

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#2 Digital Pacific

Are you a techie? Do you want to have a whole array of server specs to choose from? Be prepared to suffer from choice paralysis, because Digital Pacific has a massive variety of servers!

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#3 Fluccs

What we like about Fluccs is the nice amount of plans they have (not too many, but just enough), there’s something for everyone and they’re very affordable compared to the competition (+ they’re based in Australia)!

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dedicated hosting

Dedicated Servers: A Quick Recap

There are many different types of web hosting available to a company that is building a website. One type of hosting is typically used by businesses who have high-traffic websites and run applications that are resource-intensive. Dedicated hosting is a type of website server that is dedicated to storing information for one website. Basically, it grants a website exclusive access to one computer, which includes all the storage space and bandwidth that server can offer.

Why would you need a Dedicated Server?

There are several reasons why a website would need dedicated hosting. The primary reason is that the website is too popular and uses up too much space to be used with shared servers or even a cloud server. For example, someone running an expanding online business or if the site has videos being constantly uploaded. They would need to scale up to having their own hardware in its efforts to keep running smoothly.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting:


  • You have Freedom: With dedicated hosting, you can include personalised features to your server to fit your site’s needs.
  • You can expand your site: As your website grows it will need more storage and bandwidth to keep up with the websites demands. Using dedicated hosting allows for this type of expansion and if the site outgrows its dedicated server the hardware can always be upgraded.
  • Sites and applications load fast: With dedicated hosting allowing for a site to have exclusive access to a server this allows for all the bandwidth that the server has, to be allocated to that one website, allowing for applications and the site to load blazing fast.
  • You don’t have to worry about other customers: With your own server, you don’t have to worry about other customers complaining if you have hit a traffic spike.


  • Dedicated hosting is Expensive: While shared hosting allows for renting space to be relatively cheap because some servers can host close to 100 websites, and with free web hosting it can be even more, to rent your own server is the most expensive of the web hosting options because the cost isn’t divided between other websites.
  • They Can be Difficult to setup for People who aren’t Tech Savvy: Having a dedicated server means you have complete control of every application and program you decide to include on it. So, for someone unfamiliar with the technology they won’t know how to setup and run the programs they want to use for their server.
  • Dedicated servers need management: These servers need someone constantly monitoring them to avoid disaster. If you don’t have the technical know-how or the time to dedicate to running the server, you might have to opt for a dedicated hosting plan that includes management.
  • If the server crashes, It’s hard to get it back online: Just like any computer, server’s can crash and in that case, it takes a lot of effort to get it back online again.


Does Dedicated Hosting mean I own a server?

No, it is more along the lines of renting a server from a company rather than buying it outright.

What kind of equipment can I get with dedicated server hosting?

Typically, with dedicated server hosting the hosted company’s data center will allocate a heavy-duty rack mounted server to you.

What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?

The main advantages of dedicated hosting are the power and control having your server brings you. You can configure the server any way you like to run any kind of application and install anything to it.

Is there any reason to be concerned with the company’s data center?

Yes, to an extent. You want the data center to have strong security, a reliable power supply, and a strong internet connection. If anything were to affect these things in the facility it could have a major impact on your server and your website.

What about the data, does it matter where its located?

Yes, you want to have your server located in the country that it will be servicing, if you’re having problems finding a decent web host for your country, check out our following best hosting pages: Hosting Canada, UK hosting, website hosting Singapore, New Zealand hosts, Ireland hosting. Legal problems could occur from using a server located outside your country.

What operating systems does the server run?

Most use Linux distributions, but Windows is an option if you have specific server needs. However, Windows Server comes at an additional expense.

With a dedicated server, what software applications can I run?

You can run almost any software you want on your dedicated server (including the basics like cPanel).

What kinds of limitations does a dedicated server have?

Usually, the Terms of Service prohibit any kind of illegal content. That is why it’s important to have a server in the same country it is being used, because the laws could vary and what is and isn’t legal might differ.

Do I have to be a wiz with server administration to run a dedicated server?

Not necessarily, however knowing how to run your server does come in handy. Since you are the one in charge of the server, upgrades, security, and performance are up to you to maintain and manage. If the server were to crash it would be your responsibility to fix it.

What are the downsides to dedicated server hosting?

The main downside is the price. A hosting company uses the physical space and resources on your one site whether you use it a little or a lot. This is different from a VPS. As a result, the price is much steeper for dedicated hosting than any other web hosting type.

Is it possible to scale a dedicated server?

No. Though dedicated servers offer more storage and bandwidth than a VPS (Virtual private server), there are physical space and resource limits. Once those limits are reached it is time to upgrade your hardware to keep your site running smoothly.

What alternatives are there to dedicated server hosting?

The most directly comparable alternative is that of a conventional or cloud based VPS. With this type of server, you still get the freedom of a dedicated server with own equipment, but you won’t get as much storage or bandwidth.

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MangoMatter Reviews

Personally, I have very limited knowledge in regards to creating a website, however I am very particular about how I envisaged the page to be. Tom has been so accomodating and patient throughout the entire process, and the page turned out exactly how I had pictured. I have had countless comments from patients and colleagues alike about how impressive the page is, thanks Tom!
Dr Alex Bornsztejn
As a new start-up company we were first drawn to Mango Matter through their website. With limited understanding of web design, Tom navigated us through the entire development of setting up the website to final completion with ease. The process was always transparent and seemless and Tom’s approach was always positive to change and new ideas. We are extremely proud our website and have no hesitation in recommending or referring Mango Matter as a web designer.
Kylie Timms
Location One
I'm so grateful to have found and chosen Tom from Mango Matter to develop our new website. The process has been smooth sailing and easy! Who'd have thought! Tom was great to work with... hassle free, relaxed, professional, flexible and responsive. We are very happy with the end result and recommend Tom's services to anyone wanting their website development to be a dream ride.
Jennifer West
Humans Being At Work
Tom from MangoMatter has been extremely helpful, professional and great support for establishing my Website, he is a wealth of knowledge and very efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending MangoMatter and have already done so.
Michelle Watson
I recently started my own company and of course, knew I needed to have a website that was different to my competitors. I had no hesitation in hiring Tom from MangoMatter for the job as I had seen the quality of his previous work. Additionally, he had been recommended to me by people who had used, and continue to use, his service. Tom works collaboratively with you in bringing together your ideas to create your own individualised website. He provides high quality work in a friendly and approachable manner. I value working with a company like MangoMatter who are experts in what they do and above all else value the individual needs of their clients.
Allira Rogers
Fine Tuning Consultancy
MangoMatter's website designs are excellent. That's why I chose this website designer above lots of others I looked at. The designs are simple yet elegant in their layout. Unlike so many other sites that are cluttered and hard to navigate around. MangoMatter designs are easy to use with content very accessible. I highly recommend this service for both its conceptual sophistication and logical usability.
Geoff Dean
Violence Prevention Consulting
MangoMatter created a book review site for The Children's Book Council, a not for profit that promotes Australian children's books. Tom was helpful and engaged from the initial idea to the finished product. He gave us some very good suggestions and helped us along the way. He provided excellent training so we could manage the site ourselves and his ongoing tech assistance has been invaluable. We would highly recommend MangoMatter.
Tina Cavanough
CBCA Reading Time
What an easy and smooth experience it has been working with MangoMatter! Tom understood exactly what we were after, and we are extremely impressed with the final product. I would not hesitate to choose MangoMatter again in the future.
Tyson King
Director / Plumbrite Solutions
MangoMatter has been very helpful in growing my business. I have asked him to take the role on for my small electrical business as my 'Media Manager'. He has been realistic with times and expectations. He has gone above and beyond with what I have asked him to do. He offers ideas which I (being computer illiterate) have had no insight into so that he can market and give my company the edge that it needs with the competition. Business life is always bound to throw a curve ball every once in a while but what I appreciate about Toms work ethic is that he has his finger on the pulse and lets me know what's happening (before I even do sometimes) and how to rectify if there are ever any hiccups. Its rare to find an honest businessman these days, and one that values his service above making a quick buck. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mango Matter and have already done so to a number of other businesses.
Joshua Fleming
Director / Powered Projects
I've been using the services of Tom at MangoMatter since early 2013. Tom is an absolute gentleman to work with, friendly and helpful. Whether it be web design, seo, or general technical advice, he knows all the tricks. In fact I called him just last week with an emergency website issue (no fault of his) and he had my website up and running again within minutes, he knew exactly where to pinpoint the problem and fixed it right away. I just don't know where I could find that kind of service anywhere else! With Tom continually researching the latest methods of any web services, his knowledge in this field is always up to date. I highly recommend Tom at MangoMatter and frequently tell my clients and suppliers if you want it done right, hire the services of Tom.
Paul Wallace
BTG Entertainment
We engaged Tom to develop our new company web site and were delighted with the outcome. He was able not only to deliver our brief but to provide some excellent ideas that we would never have thought of. Best of all, Tom is generous with his time and continues to be available to provide advice and support.
Neil Mackenzie
Our experience with Mango Matter was fantastic! Tom is very easy to work with, positive, efficient and obviously brilliant at what he does. Highly recommended.
Lucy Reeves
Means Whereby
We chose Tom to design our website because we liked the style of other websites he had designed. The entire process was stress-free. Tom was so helpful and none of our multiple requests were too much trouble. Tom is a pleasure to work with. We love the website he’s made for us, it’s so easy to use and looks fantastic.
Carl Olive
Tom has been fantastic to work with in developing my website. I had ideas of what I wanted to include but Tom was able to transform those ideas and create a website that exceeded my own expectations. His design was crisp, simple, and clear. Tom’s professional guidance, experience, knowledge and flare for detail is why I would recommend him to anyone looking at developing their own website.
Aaron Dick
Carpentology Group
We recently employed Tom after being referred by a satisfied customer. Quickly and efficiently he redesigned our website which now looks professional and is extremely user friendly. Tom is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to others. We look forward to working with Tom in the future.
Ordanga Properties
As a band we wanted our website to look simple, stylish, functional and artistic all the while maintaining a strong focus on our music. Not only has Tom achieved all of these, he has taken our vague desires and produced an amazing site that quite frankly took our breath away. Tom's ability to work back and forth with new ideas and changes has made the process of making our site easy and stress free. I would highly recommend Tom to anybody looking to work with a professional in every sense of the word.
Shannon Rogers
When I approached Tom to help with the upgrade of our website he was only too happy to help me with it. He transformed my ideas into reality and has designed a website that is very smart, and truly says everything about us. Tom also trained me to manage the content myself so that I can update the information when required. I love our new website!
Kate Davis
Singer / Two R More
MangoMatter made it so easy to design our current website. Tom was personally involved from first consultation to completion, and he is still readily available for any tweaks that may be necessary!
Demitrios Lecatsas
Fresh Hair
We have now used MangoMatter to create two websites for us. As investment managers, we have tried many different website development firms over the years. Without a doubt, MangoMatter is the best by far and we will continue to use their services for many years to come.
Glenn Rushton
Rushton Capital Management
Tom at MangoMatter is a true professional. I couldn't be happier with my website and the service he provided me. He understood my needs and made it so simple for me to understand and operate the site. I would strongly recommend MangoMatter!
Alli Keirnan
MangoMatter made the process of putting together a wonderfully personal website a no-fuss scenario. Friendly and flexible, nothing seemed to faze them. We are delighted to have found MangoMatter and are very happy with the finished product.
Nathan Stella
ACUS Clinic
Tom is passionate and quickly understands his clients' needs. I've really appreciated his willingness to share knowledge and skill me up in how to use my brand new website. Thanks Tom!
Sally Mac
Tables of Content
I have used Tom from Mango Matter on numerous occasions to develop web pages both internally and for clients. I have never been disappointed with the quality of work and the functionality of the sites. The best thing about using Tom, is that he responds so quickly to any questions and is able to efficiently fix any issues that arise. Tom is a delight to work with and his web knowledge is second to none.
Kate Size
Verve Group Marketing
Tom did a great job on my website. He was willing to work within my budget and had my website finished within days from our start date. Tom was easy to communicate with and if he said he was going to do something, he did it on time, which was certainly a refreshing quality after my past experiences with other website businesses. If you aren't using this guy, you need to!
David Epp
David Epp Licensed to Kill Pests
I was extremely impressed with Tom’s efficiency and professional demeanour while developing my latest website. The entire process was completed as quickly as I could provide the content. Tom was able to edit the site with me in one sitting and activate it immediately. I’m happy to recommend Tom as a person of high skill, integrity and professionalism.
Paul J. Stevenson
My website is my only form of advertising so I was truly thrilled when I discovered Tom who is a perfectionist in the best sense of the word. He combines the eye of an artist with the precision of a technician and has been infinitely patient with my string of requests. For the first time in many years I’m truly proud that my site is there for the world to see.
Julie Vear
Brisbane Qi Gong
Very impressed with MangoMatter! Having gone through several clunky website designs in the past, I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of work and efficiency of service offered by Tom & MangoMatter. The overall look of the site was exactly what we were after and nothing was ever too much trouble. By far the best web design team we’ve ever used, MangoMatter are genuine experts in the field of web design and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a quality website.
Lauren Brown
Verve Group
Tom has taken a blog idea I had been toying with for many years and turned it into a reality, and a darn good looking reality! What I could have achieved alone would have been functional, but what I have achieved with Tom’s guidance is a product that is professional, works like clockwork and sells itself.
Megan Daley
Children's Books Daily

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