Crucial Australian Web Hosting Review

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Matthew Rogers

Author: Matthew Rogers

Last Updated on April 3, 2021

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Crucial: A quick summary for people with no time (pretty much all of us)

While Crucial is a good host by Australian standards (great peformance, easy setup, really good support), if we compare them with our current favourite web host SiteGround, you’ll quickly notice a few differences, with the main ones being price (SiteGround is 1/4th the cost of Crucial, definitely with their 67% discount for the first invoice)a lack of global data centers (they only have 1 primary one in Sydney, SiteGround has quite a few around the world, giving you a global reach), and a lack of WordPress focused hosting plans (over 25% of the entire internet runs on WordPress, and your site probably will too, so it’s quite important).

If you want to go local, you really can’t go wrong with Crucial, but if you want to look around a bit more, definitely also check out our SiteGround review.

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The Review

Crucial was founded in 2003. Its mission is to help small Australian businesses succeed online. What you might find interesting, is that Crucial has over 7,000 virtual private servers deployed and managed in its 13 years of existence. Their network handles more than 8.8 TB of data every single day. Crucial’s innovation and persistence in the field of web hosting for Australia is connecting thousands of businesses in Australia. Here are some interesting numbers:

  • Crucial is serving over 50,000 websites every single day
  • They have over 6,000 customers
  • In 2015, Crucial has been awarded with Service Excellence, at the Australian Business Awards event. Here’s what it says on the ABA’s official website: “The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to service excellence.”

Hosting Services

Crucial’s web hosting solutions are created in a way to fit all types of Australian businesses. All of their services run CloudLinux – which is a hosting-oriented Linux distribution that makes servers more secure and powerful. All around, Crucial offers stable performance, enhanced security, low-cost service fee and amazing customer support – ready to assist you whenever you need help. Rest assured that regardless of which hosting service you decide to go with, you’ll enjoy a 24/7 support all year through. We’re going to cover the different types of hosting, step by step.

Shared Web Hosting

Crucial calls their basic solution Web Hosting. And in my opinion, this is the best deal that you can get when you compare performance vs cost. It is ideal for small and medium-sized business.

You get 50GB super-fast storage to store your website and emails, and unlimited data transfer that allows you to have as much visitors on the website as you possibly can. While nothing is really “unlimited” when it comes to data transfer like companies like to state, you will never have to worry about running out of data capacity to serve your visitors.

You also get automatic backups that Crucial makes on a regular basis. But note that if something goes wrong and you want to restore those backed-up files, you’ll have to pay $40 per restore.

As far as pricing goes, you can pay monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, or yearly – it’s totally up to you. This hosting service starts at $19,90 per month. But if you pay for the entire year upfront – which is around $200, you’ll get 16% discount.

VPS Hosting

If you’re looking for maximized performance and complete control over your server, you should consider VPS hosting. Just like we mentioned at the beginning, Crucial has a lot of experience when it comes to VPS hosting. They have deployed over 7,000 virtual private servers.

You have 3 VPS hosting services to pick out from:

  • Barebones VPS, ideal for skilled people who know their way around servers. This option doesn’t come with cPanel. You can connect to the server via SSH or RDP and handle everything from the command line. (starts from $29.90 per month).
  • Control Panel VPS, ideal for people who like taking care of everything form a cPanel. (starts from $99.90 per month).
  • Managed VPS, ideal for people who want to focus on the business, and let experienced system administrators to handle the technical side of things. (starts from $249.90 per month).

Reseller Hosting (for web agencies)

Crucial’s reseller hosting allows you create up to 50 cPanel hosting accounts for your clients, and have complete control from a single admin panel. If you’re about to start your web development company and approach a lot of clients, this is something worth considering. Instead of having a messy account information and dozens of hosting companies you need to deal with, Crucial enables you to run your business with a single hosting solution.

Why Choose Crucial

Crucial offers comprehensive web hosting services that are suitable for all types of Australian businesses. They’re very easy to use, and take security & performance seriously. A solid choice if you have the budget. (if you want something more affordable, check out SiteGround)