Because the majority of people landing on this page are web designers in the process of scaling their business through reseller hosting, we’ll come at it from that angle. + As we’re a web agency ourselves with over 25 hosting accounts, we’ve already done the research and chose our own top 3 of the best Australian reseller hosting companies. We mainly focused on web hosts offering reseller accounts that include both cpanel and whm (but more on that later).

Best Australian reseller hosting: Our Top 3 – May 2017


1. SiteGround

SiteGround is the reseller king! While they’re not technically in Austalia, they do have an awesome data centre in Singapore (it’s soooo fast, speed becomes a non-issue for Ozzy websites).

SiteGround is also the only official WordPress recommended host on the list, meaning that they’re recommended for WordPress, by WordPress (pretty impressive! – They can of course tackle any site & CMS like a boss)

Re costs, they work with a super flexible credit system that allows you to grow and scale as you see fit. And with reseller plans that start at only $42/yr – that’s $3.5/mo, it’s spot on perfect if you’re starting out!

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2. Panthur

Already familiar with reseller hosting?Panthur offers 4 packages, pretty competitive prices & super-fast servers, a solid second on our list!

Panthur offers 4 packages, pretty competitive prices & super-fast servers, a solid second on our list!

Their plans start at $30/mo for 20gb of space.

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3. Digital Pacific

Eco-friendly, great prices.

Digital Pacific has solid reseller plans on good servers, a well-deserved 3rd on our list!

Their plans start at $45/mo for 30gb of space.

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Picking the right Australian reseller hosting plan for your business will either give you smooth sailing and passive income through excellent servers & support, or… headaches & lost profits because of bad support, frequent down-time, hacked servers, etc. You can pick a company from our top 3 for instant peace of mind, or you can start researching the different web hosts that offer the cheapest reseller plans in Australia. In case you go this route, these are the specs to look out for when choosing a host, enjoy!


– (Cheap) Reseller Hosting: What to look for –


1. Cost: Web hosting reseller plans

Determining how much you can spend on reseller hosting is usually the most tricky part, most of you are probably looking for a pretty cheap reseller hosting plan if you’re just starting out (never ever get a cheap website hosting plan of the shared hosting variety to host your clients, you’ll have to move those later on when you get a decent reseller account anyway – and no, you won’t definitely won’t find decent free web hosting to host client). It depends on a variety of factors from the amount of starting clients, to how much you’re planning to charge/client, and how much space you want to allocate/client. You’ll need to work this out first! It’s handy to set up different plans for different clients, with small ones having 1gb of space, medium ones 3gb, and big clients maybe even 10gb. Luckily bandwidth limitations are usually a smaller issue than space, which leads us into the next point.

2. Bandwidth / Space limitations

While most hosting companies offer a lot of bandwidth to play with, space is usually the one to look out for, as aside from the # of accounts allowed, this will be the one that will decide how many clients you can put on your reseller hosting plan.

3. Cpanel / WHM hosting in Australia

I always make sure my Australian reseller hosts have WHM. As you’re probably aware, Cpanel is pretty much the industry standard in control panels. WHM (Web Host Manager) is an account management system that enables you to create & manage individual Cpanel accounts for your clients. You can setup packages, set limitations, view usage stats, bulk upgrade/downgrade accounts, and sooooo much more. Make sure whoever you chose uses WHM, it makes managing client accounts super easy. (Even the cheap reseller hosting companies should have WHM).

4. Server Location

If your clients are Australia based, make sure the server is actually in Australia, don’t overthink this (same goes for other target audiences of course, we actually did a web hosting top 3 for the following countries: New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, & Singapore). If you happen to get a client overseas, you can use CloudFlare to reduce any potential delays.

5. Uptime

Pretty straight forward, if they claim 99.9% uptime, make sure they can back it up, every web host in our top 3 does a great job.

6. Customer Support

Inevitably, you’ll have issues, so having decent support at your end is a must! You really don’t want to keep clients waiting just because the reseller you chose has no 24/7 support. So look at their options and make sure they have phone support, live chat & 24/7 support. Obviously, if you’re going with the cheapest reseller hosting company you can find, support will be lacking.

7. Number of Accounts

Pretty important point to keep in mind, how many clients can you set up? If you add up the numbers, how much space would each client get? Would it be better if the reseller plan allowed for more clients because you can get away with offering less space/client? For example, if the plan allows for 50Gb space, and max 25 accounts, each client gets 2gb. We made sure every web host in our top 3 has a nice balance of allowed space vs number of accounts.

8. Other features / tech specs

Other points to have a look at are RAM (1gb is pretty good, at minimum 500mb), Disk IO (2mb/s is good), server speed (SSD? LiteSpeed?), CPU (how many cores), daily backups, etc. What’s also handy is the ability to install WordPress, Joomla, etc. with 1-click install scripts, but these should come standard with Cpanel. And if you have a LOT of money, look into a powerful VPS, or an even more powerful dedicated server!

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